Monday, December 31, 2007

Lots to Report

So it is New Years Eve and I must say it has been a busy Holiday. We have had lots of family functions and they were all enjoyable, but I'm glad to say they are over. I have been off work this week and have been filling in for a friend at her cute little shop in Bell Buckle, Comforts of Home. It has been a nice change of pace, except the fact that I had a stomach bug all week. I'm better and my appetite is back!

Yesterday I even went hunting with Jeramy! It was a lot of fun...I must confess that I have not gone with him since we were dating and I do miss the simple escape to nature! We get out to the farm and hike to the old barn about an hour before sundown. As we were climbing in the barn, my mind starting cranking...."This is really not the safest place for a pregnant person." Then Jeramy says "if I get a shot, cover your ears because it will be loud." More brain cranking "Could the gun shot damage Ella's developing ear drums?" After a moment of worry, I simply closed my eyes and said a prayer to keep us safe in what ever happens. Well the funny thing is Jeramy thought the same thing and said a prayer himself. Not the smartest outing we could have taken, but we realize this and could only pray for protection! And that is what happened, we were protected! We saw nothing and decided to head back. As we climbed out of the barn and hit the ground about 6-8 doe run across the field. We both just laughed and Jeramy said " that's why they call it hunting and not killing!" After that we went and ate dinner together. It was just a fun evening together and we both really enjoyed it!

To give you a little update on my last post, I think I have been doing better! I have definitely been conscious of the sweets I've been eating. Now Christmas day was a different story, but it is one day and I told myself that I can eat freely only if I promise myself to get back the next day! Well I had no problem doing that because of the stomach bug I came down with. I actually lost a couple of pounds but after the first full meal I could eat they were worries! I have also been walking some...I plan to go out today too.

Now its on to 2008 and we have a lot to do and a lot to be thankful for!!! I had a little panic attack Saturday. It is a scary thought that I am 10 weeks away from the birth of our little Ella Bean! WOW. At the beginning I thought this was going to be the longest 9 months ever and now it is almost here. Still in shock, but trying to cope....It will be wonderful, but the next two months are going to be crazy! Work, home, everything!

Well Happy New Year everyone....thanks for an incredible year :)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Reality Check

Yesterday was my 7 month appointment. Ella is doing great and is moving all around. It took a minute or two to even find the heartbeat, but once we did it was very strong! I also received my Rhogam shot yesterday. Harmless! I was kinda nervous, because I have heard bad rumors about it being the worst shot ever received. I guess they made some changes on it...

Now on to the reality check: It seems as though I am gaining too much weight. My doctor simply advised me to walk 30 minutes a day and to cut out my sugary drinks, etc. She said that will really help me cut unwanted calories so that my weight gain does not get out of control. Okay, I have not been the best patient, I will admit that...but I really and honestly don't feel that I have put on as much as the scales say! But the scale does not lie, now does it :( So I'm definitely feeling sorry for myself today. But my mind is a workin' and I just have to do better! I can not go on with my pitty party because it is not fair to those around me...i.e.) Jeramy, with whom I had a break down on last night! Sorry baby!

My game plan: To count my calories and exercise, when I can! Pre-baby, I had lost 15 pounds by counting my calories and exercising. I felt good and I looked better then I had in a long time. Here is a picture of Jeramy and I at the beach in April:
I wasn't smaller then when Jeramy and I first met, but I was more toned! I was pleased... Now when I got pregnant I was very self conscious about my weight gain. I tried to walk, but could not due to the heat...twice I overheated and got when the weather was cool enough to get out in, I had lost my fire. However, I did eat pretty well. But in the past two months, I guess I have destroyed my chances of keeping my weight gain under 30 I have not crossed that mark yet, but I still have 2 1/2 months to go.

New goal: To keep my weight gain to 35 lbs or under! Eat 2100 (good) calories a day and exercise.

I am not trying to lose weight. My first priority is for my baby to be healthy! I simply want to eat better foods and get some walking in as much as I can. I realized this morning that the juice I thoroughly enjoy every morning is packed with sugar, duh! So it is these simple things that I am going to watch and treat myself to on occasion. Maybe after Christmas the sweet treats won't be as readily available and I won't grab a hand full of whatever, whenever I walk by!

Any suggestions you can give me will be much appreciated and even healthy snack favorites you would like to share... Plus prayer! I will take it all...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Brand New View

I am so excited !!! Today I got new Furniture. Jeramy and I have been talking about this for some time now and just have not found anything we like. Then piece by piece we found what we wanted. I was finally able to get Jeramy to the furniture store last Saturday, showed him the couch I liked and he bought it for me!!! Sunday we went to purchase the recliner, that we were able to take home right then and there and today I got the couch. I love it and I am so lucky that my husband would do this for me.

This week I also got these two fabulous bar stools for my kitchen. I saw them at Ross when I was doing some Christmas shopping for a very low price! I spread the word that I wanted them, they are a perfect match for my kitchen! And don't they look so cute... Needless to say I have had a GREAT Christmas so far!

And just to finish things off here is my Christmas tree. If I could keep this up all year I would, I just love the way it fills up my house. To me it is just so cozy!

It may have taken 3 years to get some of these things, but it was well worth the wait and we are so thankful for everything we have!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

1st Annual Cookie Exchange

Saturday morning all of the girls gathered at my mother's house to exchange 80+ cookies that we all slaved over the days before. And let me tell you they were all so very good! This was the first time we did a cookie exchange and I think it was pretty successful. In the past we usually make baskets and everyone provides and item to put inthe baskets, usually homemade. Last year Heather and Pam were in the process of moving and we decided to skip the baskets. This year we thought it would be fun to try something different. There were eight of us total, all of my sisters, my mom, and two friends, it was a great group of ladies! We each brought a brunch item and enjoyed each others fellowship before the swap began. The food was delicious!!

After the cookie swap we headed over to Heather's to spend time with our Dad, who was in town from Ohio. He gave me this book, well actually it is for Ella! It is about grandfathers and their grandchildren: I already know I Love You, by Billy Crystal. What was so cool about it was his Billy Crystal's granddaughters name is Ella. This is going to be a special book for my little Ella, especially since she won't be able to see her grandpa as much as she'd I'm excited to be able to pull the book out and read it to her. I am even going to paste this picture on the inside of the book so she can look at Grandpa and Mommy when we read it! Of course I could not even read the book because I was crying, but it already is such a special gift.

Later that evening we headed over to the Riddle's for a Christmas Party. We each bring a $10 gift and play dirty santa. This year we decided to have a little fun and asked everyone to bring a gift that begins with the letter "M." Needless to say there were some interesting gift choices. I ended up with a great gift though, a gift card to Marble Slab Creamery. How ironic that the pregnant one gets the ice cream. HA! Jeramy's first gift was a gift card to Mellow Mushroom, but that got stolen and he ended up with a 12 pack of Michelob Ultra Light...he so nicely put it in the cooler for everyone to enjoy. It was a long day, but a great one!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

God is Good!

I just received some wonderful news and I could not be happier! I'm going to start from the beginning: Being pregnant, I have received lots of news that I would not normally know or even be concerned with. After all of my test came back normal I asked my doctor what my blood type was, I was just curious because I did not know. "A Negative" she replies, so you will need to have a RhoGam shot at 28 weeks. Knowing very little about this shot, except for the fact that my SIL Pam has negative blood as well, I immediately jump online to read more about it. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, when a mother has negative blood, there is a 50/50 chance her fetus will have positive(depending on the Father's blood type). If these two blood types were to mix, my body would create antibodies against the positive blood therefore leaving a high risk of still birth, miscarriage, and so many more complications now and in any other pregnancies. That, of course, is my definition and I could have confused the facts a bit. Anyway, at my 24 week appointment, my doctor prepared me for the shot I will be given at my next appointment. She gave me a prescription to go to the pharmacy and bring the shot with me to the appointment. She expressed that BCBS Insurance usually does not pay for this shot that is why I have to pick it up, so the doctor doesn't lose any money basically! So here I am back to inquiring if MY insurance is going cover this shot. My insurance does NOT cover this $140 shot! It is considered an Immunization, which is not covered under my plan...THIS IS CRAP! I have to have it...Like I chose to have negative blood! Ready to fight everyone in my path about getting this shot covered, I receive a call from Dawn at doctors office. She is the benefits coordinator and she tells me that she made a request to Caremark Specialty Pharmacy to cover this shot! Dawn is my Angel... Today I get a call from Caremark and they are going to cover this shot and all I will be responsible for is the $27 co-pay. Thank you Lord! You have come through for me once again... Over whelmed with tears, I took a minute to give HIM praise!

Jeramy and I are prepared to pay for the $140 shot, I have to have it, but with Christmas and other medical expenses, this is just a blessing! I am soooo happy!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Work Day

Today was a work day. A day to work in our sweet little girl's room! We started off the day with with a wonderful cup of coffee that Jeramy got for me while I was sleeping. Then we began to work. We cleaned out the rest of the stuff in her room and gathered the paint supplies. Several hours later, 90% of the baby's room is complete. The only thing left to paint is the pink stripe that will be above the crib. My sister, Heather, came by to help me finish up while Jeramy cooked some FABULOUS ribs! He and Rylee had a great time as they toured the sea in a make believe ship...he is going to be such a wonderful father! It has been a long and productive day in the Arnold household.

This is Ella's first piece of furniture that Pop refinished for her. We love it and we know she will too!