Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's that time again!

Time to get my booty back in shape! You know the drill, every year or so I get really involved and my blog turns into my workout accomplishments, blah blah blah... Well it's that time again! Here I am almost 7 weeks after the birth of my amazingly handsome son --

And I'm ready to get this extra baggage off once and for all! I was doing wonderfully with my running and eating, until I came home to be with my precious little girl. I never had any time to get outside, then as you remember, I got pregnant...God had bigger plans for that sweet baby, but I never seemed to lose extra weight I put on. Then in August of last year I became pregnant again and that puts me where I'm at today! With two beautiful children and about 20 to 30 pounds over weight, but it is all so worth it!!! Now I am only about 4 pounds from my "pre-pregnancy" weight, but I want to go further than that, physically and athletically. This is my time, if I can find that precious time to actually do it ;-)

I have many challenges ahead of me:
First and foremost is Breastfeeding! I do not want to jeopardize this.
Next is time, I will have to be dedicated to in-home workouts. I have my bike on a trainer and videos to do the rest...however I have to do them for it to actually work!

So in order to get me started and all gun-ho about exercise again...I decided to sign up for a weight loss challenge; Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans Burst into Summer Challenge!

I am placed on a team with complete strangers who are all working towards the same goal...To shrink their jeans. In the end the team with the most weight loss percentage wins, not sure what they win, but they win! I feel this will really help me to be accountable to myself because I hate to let people down. My girlfriend Mae Anne is the one who found this challenge and is doing it as well! I am excited to be able to share my progress with her and all of you, if I still have readers ;-) My goal is to record my days and weekly weigh-ins here as well. It could get ugly, folks! I may even post some really awful pictures...YIKES! Some posts may be really long and some really short, but it helps me to write it all down.

So please encourage me and I hope to encourage you as well! BTW, this starts tomorrow ;-)