Thursday, November 19, 2009

PT Day 4

I can't believe it is Thursday already! This means so many things to me; It means tomorrow (Friday) I will have a new niece! Just the thought of her coming into this world brings tears to my eyes, I'm so excited! Stay tuned for some sweet little pictures....
It also means that Ella has been using the "Big Girl Potty" for four days! I am so proud of her :) Yesterday afternoon, went pretty well I must say. She was very good at telling me she had to go and/or just going on her own! Panties are still a little hard, but today she is doing very well at pulling them on and off. Before bed, I told Ella that if she needed to go pee pee during the night to call me.... Guess What? She did! I was shocked. 3am and I hear "Momma, Mommmma!" "Pee Pee!" I was out bed faster than I was the first night she had come home from the Hospital!! And let me tell you the poor, sleepy child could not even stand up but she went potty and I was proud to give her that M&M at 3am!
We have had a great day today! I am even being brave and letting her nap in her panties... Don't worry, I lined her mattress with a trash bag and another sheet over the bag, but she used the potty before bed and I just want to test the waters!
I have talked a lot about pee pee, and not a lot about #2! It always seems that this is the hardest part, getting a child to go poopy in the potty. It was hard! The first day, I had to follow her around and try to catch her in the act, but I'm telling you she is a pro now! And she is so proud of herself when she does # 2 in the potty ;)
**Daddy is bringing home a surprise for the "Big Girl" tonight...her very own Elmo panties! I think she will love them...