Thursday, July 31, 2008

Showin' Some Bloggy Love...

I received a nomination for this Brilliant Weblog Award from my amazing sister, Heather. She is my light! She is a beautiful women, mother and follower of Christ! Heather is actually the one who introduced me to the world of the Blogs. She is the mother of two amazing little girls, Rylee and Reagan and the wife to wonderful man, Matt! Together they build their life on a faith based foundation. She is my role model and my friend and I encourage you all to take a look at her beautiful life. Thanks Heather!

There are specific instructions that must be followed now in order to maintain such status in blog world though, so here they are:

1. Put the logo on your blog.

2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.

3. Nominate at least seven other blogs.

4. Add links to those blogs on your blog.

5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

My nominees are... Jill is a dear friend of mine! Our husbands were roommates through college and fortunately for us, we have become great friends. She has the sweetest little boy, Cade and she is also expecting a baby girl, Tinsley, in October! Her and her husband have recently moved to Eagleville, where Kent will coach the Eagleville Football team. Jill loves photography and captures some great moments to share on her blog. This is going to be an exciting year for them and I can't wait to read about it! Holly Jane is such a blessing in my life! She is beautiful person with a HUGE heart. She gives me daily encouragement. Holly's blog is about her life and her exercise. She has accomplished so many amazing goals this year from running her first marathon to biking her first century(100 miles)! She has also recently biked Alto, a "mountain side" off of Monteagle Mountain. Holly is the total package! She loves life and lives it to the fullest. Holly is one of the strongest people I know. She will make you want to get out there and burn some asphalt! Lindsay is fabulous! She is such a creative person with an eye for photography. She has two beautiful children, Logan and Brynn! Brynn and my Ella are only days apart and it is great to have someone to help you through all of those "WONDERFUL" baby stages! Lindsay has a love for music and with her laid back personality , she is always a joy to be around. Lana's blog is about her journey to becoming an Ironman! Yep that's right, she is a dedicated athlete and triathlete who has an amazing passion for life. Outside of Lana's Ironman training, she is a mother to two handsome boys and a wife to her high school sweet heart! Lana loves to coach her boys through sports and if she is not coaching she is in the stands cheering. Talk about an amazing woman! Lana also encourages me and everybody else who has a hard time committing to an active and healthy lifestyle. She will help you and coach you with the "Fire that burns inside of her!" I have just recently began reading Allison's blog and I love it! She captures so many moments that leave you wishing you had her life! She is an active mother, meaning she and her daughter do many many things together, from building mud volcanoes to putting food color in the daffodils to color the pedals! She is a farmers wife, I love that! and a super sweet person. I personally do not know Ann, but I went to school with Stuart and his brother. I began reading her blog through Lindsay, when I discovered the connection. I decided to nominate Ann for the award because she is probably going through one of the hardest times in her life! She currently expecting their first child and Stuart has just been deployed. I can't imagine her life at this moment. She and Stuart need many prayers and any encouragement they can get! Jana, a friend from high school! I will always remember Jana for the times we did musicals in High School, she has a beautiful voice! Jana's blog is in regards to her beautiful children and her baby girl Rylan, who will be here in October. After having two children, Jana and her husband got pregnant with their third! However, God had bigger plans for Baby Carsyn! She was delivered still born and will forever be apart of their lives. Jana is an amazing woman of God, and finds her strength in Him daily! Rylan is a blessing to them, and it looks as though she is growing just the way God intended.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Choose your words wisely!

I am officially to my pre-preggers weight! I have been doing Nutri-system for almost a month now and surprisingly it has worked very well for me and my lifestyle. However, my exercise is slacking and of course my oral surgery took me out!

I saw a picture of me from this past weekend, the one below where all of the girls are lined up, and I could see that my legs are somewhat thinner, not much, but they are thinner! I was tickled to see this difference but I was very quick to point out that I needed to build muscle tone all over my body. I kept saying over and over "I need to strengthen my quads. That muscle looks very flabby." So yesterday I got the bright idea to look at the aerobics schedule at the MTSU rec center. ABS AND TONE! That is just what I need...

I hit up my friend/co-worker, Deborah, and she agrees to go with me. (she is a veteran to these classes) Like the good friend she is she nicely warned me of this challenge I was about to take on... OMG! I can not walk. Today's class concentrated on lunges and squats, oh and there were some arms thrown in there too!

"Could he look at my legs and tell that I needed help in that area?"

The aerobics room at the rec is upstairs, WHY? Seriously, I was grasping the rail in order to make it down the stairs with out falling. But the good news is I made through the class, will I be able to do it again is the real question?

Monday, July 28, 2008

It's Hot, It's Hot, It's Hot Out There....

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. As you can tell, my energy level is back to an 8. Sure beats that of a 4 that I had last week! We had a pretty good weekend and I was able to accomplish ZERO housework.... Oh well, spending the time with my family is so much better ;)

Saturday evening we went over to Tim's Ford Lake. We are very fortunate to have some friends that own houses and cabins there and we had a wonderful time. The view is amazing and it was nice to spend that time with our great friends! (However I was in bed by 10pm, still achy and tired at that point)

Sunday was Angel's Birthday!

Angel Blowing out her candles

The Tuckers!
Mel, Donna, Betty, Angel, me and Michaelann
Brian, Jeramy and JasonWe spent the afternoon eating good food, playing Bocce Ball and soaking up the sweat...It was HOT! Henry, Brian and Angel's little boy, just turned 1 and he is at such a fun age! He is so mobile and such a cutie pie...

Remember the bouncing horses we all had as kids, well Angel's neighbor had one tucked away in her garage and brought it out for Henry to play with. He is a pro!

Ella took a turn on the swing and now this is a must have at our house. She loved it!!!

She even fell asleep in it...

The Tucker's also have some blue berry bushes that everyone got their share of. Mel was nice enough to pick some for me and I put some in my cereal this morning and they were FABULOUS! We had a great day...

Michaelann and her hubby Lynn picking Blue Berries!

Friday, July 25, 2008

So maybe I should change my heading...

So the whole wisdom teeth removal has taken me out! It has been a week today, and I am still in pain or should I say pressure? When I panicked and went in to see the oral surgeon on Monday he gave me this yellow goo for dry socket, I don't think I have dry socket but that nasty goo is the only thing that brings me relief. Sadly I did not figure this out until Wednesday, technically Thursday morning at about 3am. So yesterday I gooed all day and I made it through the day at work with very little pressure. (Will these holes just close already!)

Needless to say, my diet has been off and my exercise has come to a screeching hold! Not to mention my quality time with Jeramy and EJ are lacking as well. I'm praying that next week brings healing, energy and good choices!

Meanwhile, EJ is just getting so big! I can't wait till her 6 mth check-up to see her stats. Jeramy and I are also planning our first family vacation to Folly Beach, SC. If you have ever been there, give me your thoughts...

This is what our view from the condo looks like!

We will first visit my dad at his new home in Savannah, GA! We can't wait...I miss them and we are truly excited to learn about their new home. I hear they have alligators and large oak trees... Jeramy is going to love this place! We talk daily about what kind of seafood we will be enjoying and how we can't wait to just lay on the beach and play with Ella!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Does the Tooth Fairy visit the oral surgeon?

Last Friday, I had my wisdom teeth pulled, all four! I really don't remember anything about that day, except that I think I was snoring, go figure, and I begged Jeramy to take a picture of me in my state of numbness! (wasn't pretty) Jeramy kept up with Ella all weekend while I did a lot of sleeping. Sunday I was stir crazy and Jeramy, Ella and I went on a drive and then to Sonic where I had the best peanut butter milkshake, minus the straw of course. Since then I have had another milkshake from Dairy Queen and a frosty from Wendy's....Yeah, I don't think that is part of my diet! I have been on a liquid diet and I have been able to eat some foods but my mouth is so sore, I just don't have much of an appetite. So my calories have been cut in half and weight has dropped, but now I just want those empty calorie things because the cold feels so good.

I went back to work on Monday, probably shouldn't have, I ended up leaving early and visiting the Oral Surgeon in fear that I had dry socket, nope my gums are just extremely sore due to my teeth moving and shifting from where they were crowded before. I am so achy and this constant throb in my gums has got to let up!

This is going to be a hard week for me, or couple of weeks! I'm just ready for these little holes in my mouth to disappear...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Almost 5 months old...

Well my sweet little angel is almost 5 months old! Hard to believe... This was a snap shot that I had to take she looked so darn cute!

EJ really enjoys the time she spends with daddy. Sunday morning we woke Jeramy up to play. EJ is practicing climbing all over him...soon enough she will be doing this by herself, we can't wait!

After some play time, EJ and i headed over to Gramma's house.
I was given a clay gift at one of my showers, you know the kind that you put your hand print in...well it was fun while it lasted but we never got the end product! Every time we would put Ella's hand in the clay she would grasp her fingers together, so then we tried her feet and she did the same thing with her toes! She had it all over her... The clay hardened and I just threw it away. Aunt Pammy will have to help us next time! The funny thing is that Ella didn't make a noise, hmmmm maybe she will enjoy digging her hands and toes in the sand when we go to the beach! ;)

One last thing: These are my skinny jeans! Wooo hooo....

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ella's Going Green!

As you know Ella is eating cereal and stage 1 foods. This week she has REALLY enjoyed the eating process! 2 nights ago I gave her green peas and she loved them... She could hardly wait for the next bite :) Below is a video clip of her eating green beans, which she equally likes, and she gets so excited and anxious. She is also making this growling noise that is so hilarious...

I get it...

Yes, I know I have not posted this week...

Well mainly that is because I haven't done any workouts! So I get it, I get why blogging is another way to keep your self accountable! I have logged on every day with nothing to write about... I close it out in shame :(

This is my week:
Monday-30min lunch ride( hot as heck)
Thursday-jog with Angel!
Friday-walk on lunch

Monday was a hard ride. It was very hot and humid. I took a new route up through the M'boro square. At first I was very pleased, then I made a right turn into the Ghetto... I was hoping to come out by Oakland's Mansion, but decided to high tale it back to the square when a large septic truck stopped directly in front of me, not on the side of the street but directly in front of me. Like I said, it wasn't the best area and the driver was kinda scary. I guess I'm being judgmental, but I am going to be that way when I am solo!(oh and right before that, there was this kid, well maybe 20's, that was sitting on a front porch smoking a left handed cigarette and staring me down, so I was already a little wigged out!)

I have been really tired this week, guess I'm recovering from the Holiday weekend... but I haven't had a lot of energy. But I made myself get out and jog with Angel last night. When will it get easier? I inhaled lots of bugs and today I can barely walk, I think I pulled my sciatica? So I'm going to try and walk it out on my lunch break.

How was every ones Fourth of July? We had a great weekend... Friday we went to my Mom's and enjoyed some wonderful food and BBQ that Richard made! Saturday, we took EJ to Nanna's and Jeramy and I went to the lake! We also took the jeep!!! This is the first time we have been in the jeep together this year.
We had a great time at the lake. Me and Jeramy, Brad and Katy, Thomas and Holly(good friends), it was a perfect crowd! We enjoyed some time on the water, then wrapped up the evening with some Daiquiri's and a round of Partini! Good times :)

Evening Boat Cruise

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Run Momma Run!

I have been so bad with my biking this week! One thing after another and it just hasn't gotten done. I told you how Monday I forgot my clothes, well Tuesday I got super busy at work and just didn't leave...all day!

Last night, Jeramy kept Ella and I headed over the Angel's for our little run. Henry, her little one, joined for an evening cruise! He was such a trooper ;)

Angel and Henry
The run was pretty much the same as it has been. We followed the same route and even tried to go a little further. Well it turns out that a little further was actually a dead end! So we turned around and headed back. We both had side cramps almost the whole time :( That's the bad thing about late evening runs... when do you eat dinner? I had a bologna sandwich around 6pm then ran around 7:45pm. Angel did about the same thing. It seems so late to be eating after the run, but maybe I just need to eat closer to 5pm? Who knows...

We are going to run again tonight due to the Holiday weekend. I don't know if I will get to ride this week? I will pick up strong next week....

Happy 4th of July everyone!