Friday, March 26, 2010

How Do You Give?

Lately I have had a heavy heart. My life has been tight and we, has a family, have had many changes! But I have felt that I need to be a better giver. So many people give to me so freely and how do I return the favor? I know that it doesn't have to be to them, but just giving in general, the way God intended us to give.
My friend Jody gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Will, at 29 weeks and I am so happy to say that after a long stay in the Vanderbilt NICU, baby Will is home with his Mommy and Daddy. Jody and Chris started a blog after Will's birth. They are such an inspiration and a testament of God's strength! I haven't met Will yet, but I feel like I know him and love him so much already!
When Will was born his Doctors discovered that he has a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD). What this means for Will is that he will have to undergo heart surgery. Will is now almost 5 months old and the time for his surgery is so near and Jody and Chris have so humbly asked their family and friends to donate blood "In Honor of Will" and his open heart surgery. A service that we should all do more often and since Jody will be donating her blood to Will, she asked if we could all do the same! It Saves Lives!
This REALLY touched me and opened my heart! I want to give. I want to give "In Honor of Will." I want to give to honor God. So for the very first time, I GAVE BLOOD. Through out the day I prayed for Will and I prayed for me. And I thanked God for this opportunity. It was so easy. I have a feeling I will be back in 65 days. And each time I will be reminded of Will and his journey of life and I will thank God for him and his parents and I will give of myself whenever necessary. So if you haven't given blood lately or even at all, like me...I challenge you! If you are able, give blood "In Honor of Will" or someone else you know! I am honored to do this for such a precious little boy!