Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two Month Check-Up

Yesterday was Ella's two month check-up. This was a big appointment for us! She had her shots, she got weighed and measured and mommy & daddy got lots of helpful information! That's right, I said daddy! Jeramy called me yesterday, mid-morning, and said he was on his was to Murfreesboro to go to Ella's appointment with us. What a wonderful surprise and what a wonderful daddy!

Ella's Shots: I think she did great! She received two shots in one leg and one shot in the other leg. She also had to take an oral medicine. She cried/screamed for about two minutes and then calmed down. As she returned to Melissa's she was a little fussy, but settled down to take a small nap until mommy came to get her. She had a good rest of the night with a little fussiness here and there.

Ella's Stats: Ella weighed in at 8lbs 13.5oz(10%), 21 1/2 inches long(25%), and 36cm head circumference(5%) She is our sweet "little" girl!

For Mommy & Daddy: We learned that car seat sleeping is not the doctors favorite thing, neither are sleep wedges or positioners! Well Ella sleeps so well in her car seat and not so well on the wedge!

"What do I do...I need sleep too! I know she will wake up every hour! Yes, maybe the car seat sleeping is more for mommy then it is Ella, but I have to work all day!"

Well I tried to get her through the night without her car seat, and I succeeded! Thank you lord! She only woke up once, which is normal, so I was a happy camper and it sure gives me hope.

We also think Ella has a mild case of reflux. Dr. Libby gave us a prescription for Axid, it is bubble gum flavor and Ella loves it!!! My hopes are that this will help her continue to sleep well in her crib.