Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can't wait for Spring!

The weather this week has been so enjoyable! It makes our cabin fever even disappear just a little... Sweet little Ella is ready to play out side all day long... I can't wait for that day either!
This past week was crazy busy! And the rest of this week doesn't look like it will slow down. We've been to dinner with friends, shopping, visited by my Dad and sisters, and to Chattanooga and back! This was all since Friday.
This week we have a couple nights out and we will be celebrating Jeramy's birthday on Monday! I have begun a new 'healthier' way of life, waking early to do a work out video, eating better, eating smaller portions... Man I miss eating! I just can't get satisfied. But hopefully I will get to the point that I don't' want to snack. Jeramy is also trying to make some changes in his lifestyle, to help his blood pressure. Together maybe we can encourage each other enough to make it work!
Hope you are all having a great New Year so far!