Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jeramy's 31st Birthday and Our 1st Baby Shower

Jeramy and I have had a great weekend! Friday was Jeramy's 31st Birthday and we kicked it off Thursday night with a cake I made for him. We just couldn't wait to cut into it, so I added some candles and of course I had to sing him "Happy Birthday!" Friday, January 25th, was the special day, but we had to work so we just proceeded as normal with our schedules. That evening we celebrated over some good ole' German food at Gausthaus. We stuffed our faces and came home and watched a which we both fell asleep! Aren't we exciting folks :) But we spent some great time together and that is what is important.
This is a little cake my mom got for Jeramy.

Saturday evening we had our 1st Baby Shower. It was a couples shower given by our great friends Brad & Katy. This was a really fun shower! The group was small and it made it that much more fun. We played the "dirty diaper game" and enjoyed each others company.

This is us opening our first gift from Brian and Angel!

We received lots of great things for Ella! A changing pad and cover, a Boone Frog toy scoop for the bathtub, which I think Jeramy will love more then Ella, some photo albums, lots of little goodies, an adorable little bath robe, and a beautiful sun dress! There was so much more and we are so thankful for it all!

Today, Sunday, the first thing I did was go into Ella's room and go through all of the fun stuff :) Her room is officially a tornado at this point, guess I need to start organizing and washing clothes this week. We picked up the house, went to get a bite to eat and enjoyed the beautiful day outdoors. We met some friends at the farm and watched to dogs play fetch and soaked up the afternoon sun! It was wonderful....