Friday, January 22, 2010

"Say Good-Bye to Your Little Friend!"

It has been a long time coming, but I think I'm finally ready for it to be gone. The little one on the other hand would not agree. Daddy actually said he would like it to be gone by the end of January. I have faith in us that we can do it!

Today Ella was having a little throwing fit, imagine that, and threw her paci into the kitchen cabinet. Nap time roles around and paci is no where to be found, seriously we searched the house! So it occurred to me that this could be my ample moment. So I say "Paci had to go bye-bye, because you are a big girl now." Her reply was "Uh-huh." Was it really that simple? I think not! After a sweet little talk with the sad little girl, I said "Now let's go to the back door and say bye-bye to paci!" Oh it was a sad moment for both of us. Then we went pee pee and I told her if she went to bed like a big girl, I would give her an M&M when she woke up. I know what you are thinking...Bad Momma! I promise I won't continue this but my little girl is in love this "mem, mem, mem's!"

She finally fell asleep, but there was lots of sad whining involved. Tonight is going to be harder!