Monday, April 26, 2010

Farmer in Training

So what do I post about...It's been a while!

We have been so busy. I have been working temporarily, two days a week. This makes our weeks fly by, I can't believe it is almost May! The weather is keeping us outside all day long, blowing bubbles, playing with sidewalk chalk, walking around the house endless amounts of time. We love it! We have also planted our garden. This year we did things a little different, we planted everything by seeds! Our garden may or may not produce but let me tell you some of those seeds are already poking through! I can't wait... I am not one to utilize my gardens the way it should be utilized. I have been known to let the veggies rot; I was working or I didn't have any groceries, etc. When actually I was just being lazy! This year is a new ball game. Since I am home, Jeramy has informed me that this is MY garden.
So I better do good ;) But in all seriousness I have already began making changes in the way we eat. I am trying to buy fresh fruits and veggies and use them all and trying to get away from buying boxed foods and process foods. With the exception of Mac & Cheese, which is a staple at our house per the youngin'!

On another note... Me and my Giant are off to a great start!
I decided to join a team and ride Tour de Cure Chattanooga. This frightens me in so many ways, but I will have Kim by my side to encourage me and I will have God to strengthen me...I can't go wrong there! I have been trying to get in some longer rides to prepare for my 25-30 miles on May 15. Tour de Cure is a cycling event across the states geared to support Diabetes. There is $150.00 minimal fundraising goal in order to ride and anything above and beyond is just more $$ for the American Diabetes Association. I think it's a good cause don't you? It seems to me that Diabetes is becoming just one of those things we, as Americans, get... Well it shouldn't be! It's deadly. Some people can't help but have this disease due to genetics, but the fact that young children are being diagnosed daily is sad, brings me back to why I can't wait for my garden! Anyway off of my soap box now... If you feel like you would like to donate to ADA and my ride you can go to My Tour de Cure Web page and make your donation.

I also want to add that I love it when I see answered prayers! Lately I have seen a lot... Sure does confirm the fact the he is a living God!