Wednesday, April 16, 2008

To poop or not to poop? That is the Question!

My sweet little Ella is having a little issue...SHE IS NOT POOPING! OK well she hasn't pooped since Saturday. She has never had this issue before, usually she goes at least once a day.

I have talked to a couple of people and I have read some articles online, they all say it is normal. Breastfed babies digest the breast milk better then they would digest the formula. This seems so weird to me. I just want her to poop!
(I think when you are pregnant and then have the children, all modesty goes out the window!)

I have called her doctor today and I am just waiting to hear back from her. We have our 2 month check-up on Monday, but I don't want to get there and she scold me for not calling or letting her know about Ella's issue!

My Theory:
At about 4 weeks of age, Ella started spitting up. Some worse then others. I tried a couple different bottles, no big deal. When I returned to work, Ella started going to Melissa's. There she noticed some symptoms of reflux. Also, Ella also has a lot of gas :) Anyway this past Friday, I started using the Dr. Brown's bottles. Ella loves them! Everything goes down a lot smoother. She still spits up some, not a lot and she still has some gas, but she has not pooped! Does this have anything to do with the bottles? Is she digesting her milk better? Is her stomach not as upset with gas and pressure therefore she is not pushing out poop the way she used to?

Any of that wonderful motherly advice is much appreciated! If she doesn't go soon, I am going to try manipulation with a thermometer.

She is not showing any signs of discomfort and she is not overly fussing, other then her normal once a day bit. I just hope she goes soon, before her eyes are brown and she is full of Sh#!.