Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birthday Bonanza!

Our beautiful little girl is 3 years old now! She celebrated her big day with lots of special occasions. These pictures are backwards, due to the fact it's been a while since I've blogged and forgot that uploading pictures is such a pain...

Birthday Morning!
Breakfast celebration with some gifts and cupcakes.

Birthday Evening!
Bonfire Celebration with Mom, Dad, Ella and Danner (Our Dog)Ella learning how to cook a hot dog on a stick!

And it wouldn't be a bonfire without SMORES!!!The weekend before her 3rd Birthday!

Family Night at Papa Ron's turned into BIG Birthday Celebration for Ella!!! We planned to just eat pizza and cupcakes and play with cousins, but Nana T and Papa had other plans :-) They had a whole celebration set up for their special little Ella!
Ice Cream Cake!
Cousins! Noelle and Ashlyn, Owen was off playing....
Ella received a 12 gallon fish tank from Nana T and Papa along with 6 little fish! We are sad to report that there are only two remaining....
Mini Celebration with Ella and her Besties....Henry and Grady!

They gave Ella these awesome sandals and some lip gloss that we wear everyday!!!
Everybody wanted some chap stick!
Hugging her Boys and telling them thank you!

She also had 2 more celebrations, one with Nanna and Poppie and one with her cousins on my side, in which we shared an Ice Cream Sundae Party with Dylan who turned 5 that same week...

We are not big Birthday party parents, but Ella sure did have a lot of celebrations from those who love her! Thank you everyone who made Ella's day Super Special!