Monday, February 4, 2008

Baby Showers

This was a busy weekend! I had baby shower #2 at my sister's house. This shower was with all of my long time friends and neighborhood family! It was given by Mary Helen and Heather, but of course, all of my SIL were there to help! (Next weekend Pam and Melissa are having a shower for all of my Manchester family and friends.) Ella and I received some wonderful things!!! I spent all day Sunday going through everything and organizing her room. WOW, babies sure do have a lot of stuff :)

Here is Pam, Mary Helen, Me, Heather and Melissa in front of the gift table!

Before it became the gift table it was the food table! That is one of the MANY benefits of our showers...THE FOOD IS WONDERFUL!!!

I love Petit Fours!!!

Look how gorgeous it all is...

These are prayer cards. They were passed out among my friends and family and each person read a prayer for Ella. There were even prayers for Mommy and Daddy. This is such an emotional prayer and I am truly blessed to have the people that mean the most to me pray this for my new family!

Beautiful flowers were everywhere!

The next couple are some of the great gifts we received!

And this is the gift table after I had opened all of the presents! Look at all of that wonderful stuff... And it will all be used :)

After my showerI had to quickly return to Manchester to go and enjoy another baby shower. This was a couples shower for our good friends Pete And Cheryl! They are having a little girl named Kayla Brooke. Cheryl and I are only a couple days a part in our deliveries... I have a feeling these two little girls are going to be good friends :)

This was a fun shower! The boys put together an awesome shrimp boil.

This was a little game the boys played. They all had baby bottles with some beer in it. The object was who could suck the beer out fastest, well Jeramy gave it such a go, his nipple collapsed! (The funny thing was, everybody's nipple was cut, except for Pete's! So he was having the hardest time finishing the beer. All of the ladies knew, so we were just giggling the whole time.)

Here stands the proud winner, Jason!

What a great, but exhausting, weekend!