Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Special Visit!

On Tuesday I had a special visit from two very special people! I have not seen this friend in ages, but she is the reason I met my wonderful husband and before that, she is the one responsible for introducing me to Stampede! ( a local bar/country dance club) Oh the good times we have had...
Almost nine years later, she lives in another state and has this super cutie pie that has stolen my heart!!! This is Riley :) Isn't he the sweetest thing?

We took the kiddos to the park and they had a blast!

They loved the slides and climbing and bouncing!

I love that after all of these years, it almost seems that not a moment has past between Bethany(1) and myself. Yep that's right she is a Bethany too ;) We have a lot of fun with that one! Except for the fact that we both have children now. Life is too cool!

Here is Bethany(1) with her little man.

And me and Ella!
After the park, we headed home for some lunch and some Barney Time! Aren't they cute sitting in the bean bag...

Thank you both so much for coming to play with us; It was a very special treat!