Friday, November 30, 2007

Holiday Stress

So I know it's going to happen, why can't I be better prepared? I'm the type of person who wants to try and please everybody...most of the time. So when it comes to Holidays I tend to overdue it. My stresses this year are already starting and I need to get it under control before it gets the best of me. Things that don't even concern me stress me out! I need to listen to my Old Crow CD, there is a song on there that might just do me some good. This is the chorus:

Let it alone, let it alone
If it don't concern you, let it alone
Don't go around putting on airs
And meddling in other folks' affairs
If you don't know, say so
Mind your own business and let it alone

I stress over people, money, food, gifts(what to give), money, people and everything else that comes with the Holidays. I want everything to go as planned if not better! I want people to be satisfied with me and not disappointed. Tonight, I have a work event that I kinda headed up. The seats aren't that good, but it is a small venue and they ran out of room before we could get every bodies reservations. So today my stresses begin. Tomorrow I have a list of things a mile long to do and they all cost money...of course! I have to remind myself to be conservative when it comes to purchasing things this month, because I will overdue it and run out of money way too fast. Next comes the events... there is a lot on my calendar this month and I just want it to come and go with out much worry! Easier said then done. I have bought and wrapped 90% of my gifts this year, but there is always that feeling of forgetting someone or something. So here is my plan:

To keep track of EVERYTHING in this tiny little notepad! My bills, my gift list, my cash envelopes, my events....everything!!!

I hope my plan works and I hope it helps my brain remember things(I am 26 wks. pregnant you know, my mind isn't as quick as it usually is!) I have these random thoughts as soon as I put my notepad down. Like "I forgot to write down the bread to go with the spinach dip" or "Oh crap, I didn't budget for paint supplies!" The wants and needs are endless but the money flow seems to run out way too quickly! I hope I make it through this month...