Thursday, September 24, 2009

House Project # 2 --- CHECK!

But first I have to show you some pictures I took of Ella today. It seems to me that she has really done some growing here lately. She is talking more and more every day and she is really into playing with her food ;) Seriously, she will get bowls and measuring cups and transfer her snack from one thing to the other, it is really cute!
Yesterday I learned that if I take my eyes off of her for one minute, she will have made the biggest mess you have ever seen! Example #1) Ella loves Danimals Yogurt Smoothies. She loves them so much she thought her "Chelsea Bear" would love them too! I walk into the living room and Chelsea Bear is covered in smoothie and it's all in the rug as well as all over Ella's hands. My consensus is that Chelsea Bear probably isn't the biggest fan now ;) Example #2) If you leave the child alone to eat her scalloped potatoes, make sure she has on a rain coat and a hood or hat! Otherwise she will turn her potatoes into finger paint and hair gel!

Have I told you how much I am loving being able to stay home with her? I can not explain the emotions involved and I feel so Blessed and fortunate to have this opportunity! I feel like a Mother, I feel like Ella and I have never been closer, don't get me wrong; she is still a HOT mess... But she is the best of the best! Being able to enjoy these moments with her is priceless.

My little drama Queen!

Now for the post: The Arnolds finally have landscaping!!!

Yeah this project is about 2 yrs late, but it's done and we love it. And Glory to God that it has rained every single day since we have planted it :)

Below is a picture of our walkway; This is what you will see when you pull up to our home. We decided to plant Soft Touch Hollies and variegated Monkey Grass in this area.

Moving to the front of the house; we captured the corner with Adagio Grass. This is to separate the soft touches with the laurels.

In front, we used Otto Lukin Laurels. We chose these laurels as opposed to Skip Laurels because they will grow wide and somewhat tall, but not overly tall like the Skips. We also staggered each bush. Right now, it is very noticeable but hopefully they will fill in nicely!

On the other side of the front steps, we continued with the Otto Lukins and acceneted with more Monkey Grass. There was a wide area on this side that needed to be filled with something. Our idea was to keep this simple looking and that it is. We couldn't be happier!

Monday, September 14, 2009

HOW 100

Saturday was an awesome day! For quite some time, I have been committing to riding 29 miles to help support Breast Cancer. I haven't really talked a lot about this because I was nervous I wouldn't be able to complete it. Last September, Kim decided to do this ride for the first time. She had just bought a road bike and this was her first group ride, I think. She loved everything about it, especially the women and the support to this much needed and wonderful cause! When time came this year to start planning, she was adamant I was doing it with her. She brought me her other bike, she calmed my every fear and encouraged me that I cold do this. I really didn't have time to train, a short ride here and there but I told myself "this is for fun and if I have to stop or even turn around, I am not going to stress, but just enjoy the ride!"
Kim was such an amazing riding partner! I couldn't and wouldn't have done it with out her. She was patient and stayed with me through out the entire ride. She encouraged me. She taught me. She made this such a wonderful event for me!
Here I am before the ride. Kim said she could tell I was getting really nervous as we were pulling in! I was, but I think it was hilarious that she could pick up on that.
This is at the start of the ride. The parking lot was full of women all shapes and sizes, some
who have battled cancer them selves and some who are supporting a loved one, it was beautiful!

I was so proud to have made it to the half way point! At this point I was feeling pretty good. We rested and refilled drinks and ate some snacks. We headed out for the ride back.

29 miles later and a hill that almost got me down... We did it!

As we crossed through the balloon arch, we were both just filled with so much joy! I really thought I could have cried... It was a struggle, but we finished and we finished stronger than we were when we began! Thank you Lord for giving us this gift.

By the way, we are already
talking about next year!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend! Jeramy and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary on Friday September 4th. We celebrated on Saturday by going to Opry Mills! Jeramy has been wanting to go to Bass Pro for quite some time now. We had a great meal at Tony Romas and then did some shopping :) Being the sweet Daddy that he is, he had to get Ella a little something... Lately she has really been into, shoes and hats! so we found this adorable Cowgirl hat for her; She loves it!!!
For some odd reason, she really only wears the hats when she is sitting at the table eating! She is too funny :)

Since Fall is fast approaching, we have begun to think of MANY outdoor projects. Some of the things on our list involve landscaping, new front porch railings, new roof on the mini barn and now that I am home I have added about 10 more things to that list... We have decided to start with the small things, so last night in the thunder storm, I stained our Adirondack chairs. It was so nice and peaceful under our carport just listening to the rain and the thunder.



We decided to use a dark stain, since they fade so quickly. It really looks great, in my opinion, the picture doesn't do it justice.

Aunt Heather, Rylee and Reagan have taught Ella a new song! It's actually a prayer that the girls sing before they eat. Ella loves it and wants me or Daddy to sing it before, during and after her meals or any time of the day for that matter!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A little bit of every thing day...

Tuesday was a packed day for us...

We started off our morning with Ella's 18 month check up. As usual, Ella's height was in the 75% and her weight was in the 5%. No worries from the Doctor though, she is growing just fine! We also had 2 shots, one was the normal check-up shot and then she had her MMR shot. I'm not sure if it is because she is more aware of what they are doing to her, but she was not happy... She even did the silent scream, so you know it hurt her! She was fine after she got her stickers though :)

After Ella's appointment, we met up with Aunt Melissa, who kept Ella so I could get my hair done! (It was also Campbell's Birthday on Tuesday) My hair turned out really cute. It's pretty short in the back, but I must admit it is super easy to fix that way!

Tuesday morning I found out the my SIL, MaryHelen, had lost her Great Grandfather. Gran was 95 years old and lived a very happy life! After my hair appointment, I met up with Melissa for some lunch with the kids and I was delighted to see that MaryHelen and my nephew Dylan were joining us! Ella only got a 30 minute nap that day as we were waiting in the school line for Carson, but as soon as he hopped in the car, Ella was all smiles... She loves her Carson! The kids played all afternoon and it was a wonderful little day....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Whatta Day!

My new life is in full swing! It's about 5:50am on Tuesday and I just sent the hubby off with a packed lunch and a croissant breakfast(Jimmy Dean). We have a full day today so going back to bed is not an option today. I thought I would enjoy a hot cup of Joe and reach out to my bloggy friends!

Yesterday was our first day home together, without a fever or a runny nose or a sick momma.
It was bliss!!!
Ella woke up pretty early so I never got a shower. Now I totally get why KIM is always up by like 3am :) a little exaggerated.... but seriously the day flew fast and my shower didn't come until around 4pm.

It was quite an eventful day. First thing after breakfast, Ella was hunched over like she was doin' #2! If you have or had a youngin' you know the stance I'm talkin' about! So I simply asked her if she needed to go "Poopy in the Potty." She looks at the bathroom, then looks back at me and heads for the porcelain throne! So I strip her down and set her on her special potty seat. Surprising enough she Pee peed! So we got off of the toilet to go put a diaper on...when I turned around she wasn't there, she was still in the bathroom. As I head back in I got quite a surprise! A nice pile of "you know what" right beside the toilet!!! Ha!

So from this point on I decided to try the potty training. I gave her treats, she got juice and we even went to buy pull-ups! We had a great day, until her LATE afternoon nap. She woke up as a bear. And didn't want a thing to do with going "pee pee in the potty!" Today I will continue but not going to push as hard. She will be staying t Aunt Melissa's for a bit today while I get my hair done! Yes, ladies and Gents I am getting my hair done!!! And according to my hubby...I need it!

Well I hear the little poopy head now.... Have a wonderful day!!!