Friday, January 2, 2009

My Vacation!

As your read in the previous post, I have been off of work for a week. It was so nice! I also got some time to myself, thanks to Super Dad being his usual wonderful self.

I shared a special Birthday shopping trip with Mom and Heather, Mom's Birthday is December 27th and Heather's is December 29th so we celebrated by shopping! (my Step Mom Amy also has a Birthday on the 29th!)

After shopping we walked over to Opryland Hotel to check out the Christmas lights. It was gorgeous!

I also got a chance to meet up with "City Cousin!" My cousin Amanda and I have started a new tradition. Every Christmas break we meet for dinner at Macaroni Grill, this was the second annual "City Cousin, Country Cousin" outing. We had some wine and some great conversation! City Cousin lives in New York, Brooklyn to be exact. She works down town and lives a fabulous city life, at least that is how I see it! We have grown up together and I am so thankful that we are still able to keep in touch.

One day I will make it to the city so she can show me around....

Ella's First Christmas!

Wow! It has been a busy two weeks, but we had a great Christmas! Ella had so much fun and got so much attention. She quickly learned about opening presents and she got so many wonderful gifts. We ate, we laughed, we really enjoyed every minute. I have lots of pictures to share and will try to keep the chatting to a minimal ;)

December 23, Christmas Eve Eve! We had Christmas with Jeramy's Dad and his family. We all went over to Todd and Tera's for dinner and presents. We had a great time! The kids are all so much fun and became adapted to each other pretty well. We don't see them as often as we should but we still had lots to talk about.
Here are the girls and the babes:
Jen and Owen, Me and Ella, Tera and Ashlyn
I have no clue what was so funny, I think Ella trying to attack Owen! She is quite the little flirt :)

Jen and Owen, Tera and Ashlyn

Papa Ron and Ella

Nana T and Ella walking through the house!

Opening her first presents!

Ashlyn loving all of her Princess things!

Owen and Ella playing with Ashlyn's bouncy ball
Christmas Eve we stayed the night with Jeramy's Mom. We had such a special Christmas with her and Poppie! She has lots of pictures that I need to get from her, I couldn't find my camera. Nana made us all a huge dinner and then we opened presents! Ella receieved some great toys, books, suckers and a special CARS riding toy, in which she absolutely loves!!! Hopefully I will get some of those pictures to share.

Christmas Day, after a some delicious breakfast burritos from Nana, we headed to my family. Talk about fun... Everybody was there minus Tim, Mary Helen, Maggie and Dylan, they were in Knoxville having a big Christmas with Mary Helen's family! But we sure did miss you... We had our usual family spread, food not waistbands well maybe waistbands too ;) The kiddos were all so excited to open presents but they were all so good waiting patiently.

Grama and Pop

Jeramy, Campbell, Ella and Keely

Katelyn and Me... Trying to steal a picture of us! Katelyn is the oldest of the kids, she is such a beautiful young woman now! She is so kind and patient and helpful...

Campbell and Cole waiting to open their presents!

"The Girls!" minus Mary Helen and Maggie

Uncle Craig and Rylee Roo!

Big Man Carson, this present was a HUGE rocket type gun...needless to say, He loved it!

And here is sweet Ella! Opening her gifts at Grama's House.

I love this picture, she is so amazed by the Jack in the Box!

Her cool vaccuum from Keely!

Tearing into some paper...
I hate pictures with Ella sucking on her paci, but we quickly discovered it was a plug and a good one at that! Every piece of paper went right into her mouth... Paci worked wonders that day :)

Checking out the other kids and their presents!

Super Dad!

Ella and Keely

Reagan and her totally awesome dress up clothes! She was a happy camper clopping around in her high heel shoes :)
After we left my family, we headed back over to Jeramy's Grandfathers house, Pa Ellis. This was a special trip, Ella got to meet her Great Grandfather for the first time! We are bad parents for just know getting over to see him but that's ok, it made for a very special Christmas for Jeramy and Pa Ellis!

Here are Jeramy, his mom, his Pa and Ella Jean. What a special picture!

And here's one with me...

After a long day of celebrating with family, we headed home! Ella was so tired....

I have been fortunate enough to have the week after Christmas off! Ella and I played and slept and played some more... I offically accomplished NOTHING! Here it is January 2nd and my Christmas tree and decorations are still up. Oh well, we had a wonderful time off!

Ella playing with her new toys!