Monday, August 24, 2009

Ella is 18 months!

Ella is 18 months and lovin' every bit of it...So is Mommy and Daddy!

Her favorite past time is riding the four wheeler with Daddy(and sometimes Mommy). She sees the boys behind us on theirs and she runs for our four wheeler! She likes it even more when we are at the farm checking "Moo Cows!"

This past Saturday we went to Camryn's Birthday party. We had such a great time!!! All of the kids played so well together and they all had a fantastic time on the playground. Of course Ella's favorite thing is the slide and by the time we left she was sliding on her belly, face first! She is such a little dare devil!

Here is Samantha Jane and Ella on the slide. SJ is only 11 days older than Ella! Her Mommy and I were friends in High School and have reunited through our blogs. The greatest joy is watching these two beautiful girls grow up and we were so glad they were able to meet. I hope we can play again! BTW, don't you just love Samantha Jane's sun hat! What a cutie :)
On the way home from the park Ella was fascinated by the Elmo seek & find Camryn gave her for coming to her party! By the time we got home she was conked out!
We also got the chance to play with our cousin's Saturday evening! Those kids had the best time... They are soooo sweet to Ella and it is so wonderful to have so many loving cousins!
Yesterday afternoon, Ella thought it would be funny to crawl on top of the coffee table. She knows this is a "No, No" but when we looked into the living room, we got so tickled at her and had to snap a picture!
This is my proof that we had a great weekend! I was testing the waters when I decided to put Ella on our bed to watch some TV while I showered. I just knew in minutes she would be off the bed running around like her normal self. When I got out of the shower, there she was fast asleep. So sweet...
18 months has been great so far. Ella is really comprehending so many things these days. She loves to "help" Mommy, so I use those words to my benefit. She is about to cut her first incisor tooth and is kinda gloomy this week, but still going, going, going! She talks some but not a lot. I'm okay with that! She will get there, but she loves her animals and the sounds they make! I am so excited to spend my days with her and teach her and love on her every chance I can get!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby Showers

This is my first "Show us Your Life" post! When I read Kelly's Korner Blog this morning, I knew I had to be a part of this blog roll.

I had the best baby baby showers an expecting Mom could ask for. Between the 5 girls in my family and our 10 beautiful children, we have become Master Shower Throwers! When I was pregnant with Ella, my sister/SILs decided to split into two's and give me 2 showers. One in the town I am from and one in the town in which I currently live. They were both so beautiful and the thought that they put into these showers, every little detail was perfect.

This was the first shower they threw me and Ella. It was in my home town and all of my closest friends were there. It was held at my sister's home.

The best part of this shower were from these little cards. These are cards prayer cards! On each card there is a prayer for my little one. Ranging from my child's development up to her marriage. Of course I was sobbing! Each prayer held such a great significance in mine and my child's life. The prayers were passed through out the room and read aloud by my closest family and friends... Talk about powerful!

My sister always accents with beautiful flowers! I love that :)

Chocolate covered strawberries were delicious and also a great compliment to the decor! What you may not notice is that the light color is a pink. So delightful.

I have to say that these ladies have mastered the food! I mean what is better than shower food spread across a beautiful table for all to admire, maybe we should do some catering??

Here they are! My beautiful sisters! (and me)

And last but not least, Presents!

My next baby shower was just as wonderful! It was held in my current town so all of my new friends and my husbands friends were able to come. The food was amazing and I definitely had my share ;)

My SIL made this beautiful banner that says "Sweet Ella." I loved this and I even used it at Ella's First Birthday! Maybe I will use it forever more...

The cake was so delicious and it matched my invitations!

Every guest took home some of these beautiful cookies that had Ella's monogram on it!
I must learn how to make these.

This was such an enjoyable time in my life and I was so lucky to have so much Love and Support! Since I am in some crazy baby mode this week,it is fun to look back at all of the blessings a little one can bring!

To view more of these great baby showers take a trip to Kelly's Korner!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Now for the Big News...

I am so happy to say that my life is fixing to change DRAMATICALLY!!! At the end of this month I will no longer be a full-time "working" Mom, instead I will become a full-time Mom! Ah, I just can't believe it. It is so surreal and it hasn't even hit me yet! After many conversations with the Hubby, we decided to do this and oh my gosh, I just can't say enough about what he(the Hubs) has done for us to be able to accomplish this goal. I have finally shared this with my work and I have gotten some incredible support. So the big secret is out and I just feel like I could scream it from the roof tops. What a blessing this is for us and will be for us. My life is going to change, a lot, but I'm ready for the journey! Thank you every body who has given us support, either verbally or through prayer...You know who you are! We could not have done this without you and we will still need the encouragement, maybe now more than ever!

So today is happy day and I just thought I would share a big ole' smile with everyone :)