Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yay for Coloring!

If you don't have your sound up, then do so... Ella figured out how to color, sorda! I felt like I could see the wheels turning in her head as she tried to figure out how to hold it. Then she found that if you touch the paper it leaves a mark...now that is exciting! You can hear her get excited...too bad that paci is her mouth :( When I took it out for some more fun videos, the crayon went straight to the mouth, go figure! Who knew crayons tasted so good :)

Dirty Mouth...Clean It Up!

I wonder if I wipe Ella's mouth too often????

Girls Road Trip

A couple of weekends ago, Heather and I loaded up the girls and headed down to Savannah, GA to visit my Dad, Amy, Rachael and Emily. It was a great trip, but the weather was kind of chilly. However that did not stop our fun!!! We had a packed weekend and such a great time...

Friday, we headed to the park to see the Budweiser Clydesdale Horses. They were in town for all of the weekend festivities in Savannah. St Patty's Day was the following Tuesday and Savannah is the 2nd largest St Patty's Day celebration in the U.S. They had a couple of parades and the Clydesdale were walking in them. They are such big and pretty horses!
After our time with the horses, we headed across the way to the playground. We played here until Dad came to meet us then we all went out to lunch.

Heather and Reagan all bundled up!
Reagan on the swings
These things were too fun... And Rylee and Emily loved them!!! They spin around really fast :)
Rylee enjoying the swings
Ella Jean loves to swing! She giggles the whole time...
Ella and Rachael went down the slides many many times...Rachael is such a help with the girls!
Later that evening Heather and I got a date night! We left the girls with Rachael and Emily and Dad and Amy took us to downtown Savannah. Of course our first stop was Paula Deen's!
Then we headed over to the City Market. This is a strip between buildings that hosts lots of little shops and cafes! Very Cool...
They had live music and we just walked around and we even made a little stop in the Fudge Shop!!
Savannah has some really great history and this is one of my favorite spots, so here are Heather and I posing for a picture :)
The plants were in full bloom and there were Azaleas every where! So gorgeous.
Here is Dad and Amy with more of the pretty flowers!
Saturday morning we headed back down to River Street to enjoy some St Patty's Day activities. There were blow ups, and face painting, balloon animals, Irish Dancing; Even though it was pretty chilly we all had a great time!

Dad and Reagan
Balloon Animals; Ella loved these ladies until it was her turn. She got scared and every time the one in the Yellow would step close to her she cried!
Here is Rylee getting a rainbow n her cheek!
Miss Thing striking a pose!
Dad decided to get some luck of his own!
After the festival we headed down to Tybee Island to watch the St Patty's Day parade. We made a quick trip out to the beach and then it was right back to the car! The temps were about 10 degrees colder and the wind was strong. We never made it to the parade, but that's ok! Naps were highly appreciated ;)

Rylee on the beach!
Rachael, Emily and Ella down by the waters edge.
Cold wind doesn't stop this girl! She had an absolute blast...
She kept chasing the seagulls behind her. I am so proud that Ell enjoys the beach! She wouldn't have left if it weren't for me!
Heather and Ella on the bridge.
It was such a quick trip, but it was well worth it! We got some great quality time with our Dad and Rachael and Emily are turning into teenagers too fast. Even though Savannah is a great place to visit, I still miss them all very much!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


As you may have read in the previous post...

Ella is too brave for her own good! Yesterday evening we were playing on the front porch. She was following me from one side to the other. As I continued to the other side I turn to find her taking a step off the front porch steps!!! In slow motion, I see Ella roll heals over head onto the side walk, with her face scraping the concrete first. Terrified to see what was next I raced over and quickly picked her up. Of course she was screaming but she was fine! Thank you Lord for protecting my Bean! Looks like a little rug burn on the nose and forehead and a scratch on the arm. Oh I felt just awful... But it was bound to happen!

Do you think she has learned her lesson? I doubt it! ;)

Monday, March 9, 2009


I had some photos on my phone that I wanted to share. They are just sweet memories and events in our lives.

Sunday, Ella and I spent the day with Daddy. It was a fantastic day! We all needed the good, wholesome time together. Jeramy is the hardest working man I know. He does this to provide for Me and the Ella Bean! We have recently taken on chickens... We don't own the farm, unfortunately, but we own the thousands of chickens in the houses. Ella had a ball running up and down the drive way. Daddy also brought out a baby chick for Ella to watch and she was amazed!

It is officially Spring at the Arnold Residence...The calendar may not say it but we definitely feel it! Ella loves being out side. She plays in the rocks and throws a ball to the dogs and even likes to balance on her toys!

This girl has NO fear...

Yesterday, while outside she discovered the steps. She went up and tried to walk down like an adult, "Lord Help Me!" If Jeramy and I weren't there to catch her she would have just fallen... So I tried and tried to show her how to crawl back down on her belly, even after all of that, she still just walked off!

There is no doubt that Ella is an outside girl :)