Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Hello everyone! Hope you had a nice holiday...

We enjoyed a nice weekend at home until Sunday when we loaded up the camper, borrowed, and headed to Fayetteville for the 2nd Annual Simms Memorial Day Party. With over 1oo people, a huge buffet of meat and salads, a band, a DJ and our camper, it was quite a shin dig!

Unfortunately for me, Ella was not in the best mood :( She was quite the "momma's girl" this weekend. Every time someone would talk to her, she would start screaming. This only got worse as the night went on; it was hot, she was exhausted due to all of the circumstances and she was just not having it! So we found a nice spot in the shade and enjoyed the afternoon.
I finally got her to fall asleep around 8pm, I think. From that point on I enjoyed the company of Holly and Jamie who drove down from Manchester, basically to sit at the camper with me, sorry ladies :( All and all the party was a huge success and we did have a perfect camping evening!

I wanted to share with you this cool tree stump that The Simms neighbor carved out:

On one side it says "LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE." and on the other side is a Peace sign. It is very cool! This man can carve anything out of wood... Last year he hollowed out a log, carved a big flaming head in it and then it was set to fire at dark...very cool!!!

Also, I wanted to ask you all to pray for our friends Pete and Cheryl that I spoke of in my last post. Cheryl's stepfather, Carl, passed away Sunday afternoon. They have had a very long and hard couple of weeks.