Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thick and Full!

These were the words used to describe my cervix! Yeah I know this is a gross topic to all the men, but I'm not even sure that there are that many men who read my I will continue! In the past two weeks I haven't really felt all that great. I'm moving around slower, I'm having lots of pressure and even some really sharp pains "down there." I just knew that when I went to the doctor that I would hear some sort of news. My first exam in 8 months was yesterday and let me tell you it was a much awaited appointment. The last two weeks have felt like two months!!! Anxiety I guess? So I ask Jeramy to go to this appointment with me, it could be exciting or not...

We get to the doctor's office only to find out that my doctor was in delivery. "Do you want to see Nan, the nurse practitioner?" I ask "Can she give me the same news that Dr. Jones can?" Marge says "Yep, and she is going to test you for Strep B!" My thoughts... "Great!"

They call us back and go through the usual routine: pee in a cup, weight check and blood pressure. Yeah I won't hit on too many details here except for when I saw my weight gain, I blushed! "I am going to get in T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!!" I mean what the hay! 6 pounds? Is this possible, in two weeks! YIKES... Yeah it was the end of the day and I had on winter clothes and I've had 4 baby showers, two of which were mine! Point being...I love cake! So maybe I should of been a little more careful. Oh I am going to blame a little of it on water retention! Monday I woke up and felt swollen... My hands felt warm and thick and my boots were pretty tight. Jeramy said my legs were thicker then normal.

Okay, back to the appointment... I can't stop laughing at how much my weight gain was, you know like that embarrassed, but shocked laugh that doesn't stop. That was me! She checks my fundal measurements and listens to the heartbeat, everything good there! Then she goes in for the kill. "Feet in the sturrups, butt to the edge!" She swabs the area, this was the Strep B test, "not so bad!" Then time to hear "you are moving along nicely, your cervix is about 25% effaced, but there is no dialation!" But this is not the case today... It was so fast, how can she even tell if there are any changes! "Well your cervix is Thick and Full!" Okay, so she's locked in tight. My mind keeps refering to Groundhog's Day... Six more weeks of winter! Technically I only have 4 weeks, but you catch my drift! Not that I want her to come today, but when you feel so much pressure and your body is feeling rough, it would be nice to hear some kind of progression!

This week, though, I have felt great! I'm sure these stages will come and go for the next couple of weeks. My little Ella Bean will make her appearence when she is ready! I am going to the doctor every week now, so I will keep you posted! I also have some pictures to post from my last baby shower given by Pam and Melissa! It was such a beautiful I have some great sisters!!! But I will tell you all about it soon....