Monday, October 6, 2008

Just like her Daddy!

It was clearly identified this weekend: Ella is her Father's daughter! They are just alike...

My little monkey does not hold still for one minute. She is at her best playing with other kiddos or even just playing with her toys. She is crawling from room to room, exploring her new world. She enjoys cords! Go figure and blinds... (why do kids enjoy the things that they are not suppose too?) Ella tries her hardest to pull herself up on things, like the coffee table. At times she succeeds and you should see the look on her face, Total Amazement! However, she is not steady enough yet to accomplish this task each time and especially with out supervision! Below are a couple of fun videos taken in the past couple of weeks:

Ella crawling across her room:

Bath Time:

New Toys:
(It amazes me that she figured this out all by herself!)