Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh, how I love this time of year!

Camping, football, tailgating....It's officially Fall!

This past weekend we had wonderful time camping down at Sugar Camp. This is our favorite camping spot and over the years it has been taken over by a group we like to refer to as the "Train Wreck!" But we're taking it back.... jk :) We usually enjoy tent camping, but with a youngin' we thought it might be a little easier with a camper. The boys prepared for this event all week long, hauling campers, cutting fire wood, cutting the grass and even trimming out a volleyball court. We enjoyed a wonderful evening with our closest friends and a few others, but none the less, it was a great camp out! The boys even got in a jeep ride...

(insert) Ohhhhh!


Boys Love Jeeps!

First Date?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A little about me

I'm giving it another go....

In the beginning of August, I started doing aerobics classes during lunch. The first class I went to was Abs & Tone. Well we toned more then abs and my legs were toast. About an hour of lunges later, I can barely walk down the steps at the Rec Center! There after, I tried to complete a different class, Triple S, and officially pulled my quad muscle. It was not fun and I became totally intimidated by these classes. Then school started, busy time in my office and for 2 weeks I didn't even take a lunch, then we went on vacation, one week after catching up at work I try it again...

Yesterday I completed Kick, Punch & Crunch! I think this a good class for me... I am sore today, but it's a good sore! I am going to do some cardio today, probably walk/jog intervals on the tread mill and tomorrow, if I get a lunch break, do a Yoga class. I'm really excited about Yoga. I have never done anything like this before!

I am notorious for beginning a program then slacking off... Due to time, or lack there of, if I miss a day or for what ever reason choose not to do it, I lose my motivation. SO I have decided to take it one week at a time. This week just OK.

What a difference a week makes...

As you all read in an earlier post, our goal was to have Ella sitting up by our beach trip, well that didn't exactly happen. She was close and could sit up when placed up and hold herself up with her arms, but she could not sit up on her own or even for that long. Fast forward a week after vacation, Ella was at Gramma Kim's on Friday and as they played, she sat for at least an hour! (that's the longest thus far) By Saturday, my little bean was going from the floor to sit up position with no problem! WOW :) Now she is a sitting up machine. Oh and we discovered TOYS! We were over at our friend Henry's house (Angel don't you love how it's Henry's house now!) Henry has so many cool toys. Angel decided to take Ella over for a toy test drive and she was all about it. She sat there and played like a champ! I thought to myself "I have totally deprived Ella from these cool toys!" So I got home and pulled out the toy box Aunt Heather gave us and she went to town...

These past two weeks have been huge milestones for Ella Jean. She has developed so many knew abilities and they just keep on coming!
Last night Ella crawled!!!!!!
It was only a couple of steps but it was definitely something she will be working towards and mastering in a few days. She loves this new and exciting time! (pictures/video to come)


Ella's Nana, Jeramy's Mom, made these sweet "EJ" pillows for her. They are truly life size and so much fun to roll around on! Ella loves looking at them and patting at all of the pictures on them. Recently Ella has begun to see in color and let me tell you, I knew exactly when she focused in. Her highchair has pooh characters on it and one day she saw them and was mesmerized! She kept turning to look at her new friends and still does...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Angel Oak Tree and Folly Beach

I have finally found some time to post vacation pics on the blog! We had such a wonderful week and miss the beach terribly... I think Ella enjoyed this trip just as much as Jeramy and I. Every time we would step out on our balcony she would start talking and bouncing! The best part of the vacation is our little Ella grew so much in only one week. We were able to enjoy her and watch her learn new things over and over. What a blessing this trip was for all of us! Jeramy and I have a thing for Hurricanes! We got married in the middle of 2 hurricanes and here we are celebrating/vacationing in the midst of 2 more. We did leave a day early due to Hurricane Hanna, didn't want to take any chances.

So here ya go....

On our way to Charleston we stopped on John's Island to visit the Angel Oak Tree. This tree is amazing! It is over 1400 years old and the shade area is over 17,000 sq. feet, pretty impressive. It was a very quick visit because the tree was really the only thing there besides a small gift shop and the mosquitoes were awful!

Road to the Angel Oak Tree

Angel Oak Tree

It took us about 20 minutes to get to our final destination after leaving John's Island.
Final destination: Folly Beach!
We got to the condo and we were in heaven! It had a wonderful view and the weather was spectacular. The condo was very clean and nice, even though it was the 3rd floor with no elevator, but Jeramy worked his booty off and got us all of our stuff. Like Richard Gear said in Pretty Woman "Penthouse is the Best!" Although ours was far from a penthouse!

Folly Beach Pier (view from our condo)

Jeramy's photography session!
Jeramy and I also celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary! I am so lucky to have the best husband in the world... Thank you Jeramy for a wonderful week ;)


Our first night on the pier

We had a great time watch the surfers catch some gnarly waves!

Of course we were out the next morning before sunrise!

This sign says it all...

Jeramy wanted to bring this home, 4WD V-DUB van

Full day on the beach!

My little beach bum!

She loved every bit of it :)

Chillin' under the shade tent, courtesy of Kimmy and Greg!

Our little friend, Sebastian!

Folly Beach is know for their Loggerhead Sea Turtles and we found a nest!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Tybee Island

Ella's first visit to the beach was today! We headed out to Tybee Island and enjoyed a great day of sun and sand!!

Ella was a water baby... She loved digging her hands in the sand and kicked her legs in the water when the waves would come in. We all, except for Ella, got a little sun burn but nothing a little aloe can't handle. After that we enjoyed some great seafood at The Crab Shack, I enjoyed some Big Kahuna's! I love vacation :)


We are having a fabulous time in Savannah! This is an amazing city... Ella is enjoying the company of Rachael and Emily! The whole complex is just beautifully placed along the river. More to come....

Savannah River front