Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What do you do when you are called out by your Hubby?

You Blog! Last night, Jeramy called me out on my family blog. He told me that since I've been running/training I have just abandoned the family...blog, that is :) Well I'll show him...

In all seriousness, we have been very busy. My running blog, I can hop in and update real fast. This one I need interesting stories and pictures. hehehe... So this time of year is just crazy! Christmas Parties, work, friends, family, I could go on all day. To be perfectly honest, I am being quite the Scrooge. Jeramy and I are doing really well on our budget, but in return we are cutting back on a lot of things, like gifts for example. It took everything I had just to decorate my house!
That is sooo not like me, but I have just been busy and with our sweet little girl, spare time is few and far between.

First weekend in December, Read Christmas Kick-off! It was a great way to kick-off the Holiday Season.

Second weekend in December, Tyson Dinner at Miller's Grocery....YUM YUM! Followed by the Riddle Christmas Party

Every year we play Dirty Santa and the gift has a theme, this year the theme was to bring a "T" gift. A gift that begins with a "T". Good times had by all! It was also Holly's and Allison's Birthday so of course Katy, the Hostess with the Mostest, prepared a Birthday Cake and we all sang "Happy Birthday!"

This was a pretty early night for Jeramy and I, but I heard the Dianna's showed up and the party carried on to the wee hours of the morning...maybe just a little jealous ;) Oh I have to tell you about our Dirty Santa gifts...

I got a James Taylor CD with a pack of Trident and Jeramy got a Toupee! Yep he stole it, such a goof :)

This weekend we FINALLY get to see the Pippengers! I am so excited!!! We have been trying to get together for a while, but Ella has had a couple of colds and we don't want Tinsley to catch anything. Also, Saturday I am going to Hermitage to Crystal's Christmas Party. This is going to be such a fun night! $5 Dirty Santa, wine and some of my best girls!

Merry Christmas to all.... We hope your Holiday is filled with many blessings!