Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ironman Lana!

I just want to take a moment and praise our friend Lana. This past weekend, Lana completed an Ironman Triathlon. For those of you who are not sure what this is:

it is...
2.4 miles swim
112 miles bike
26.2 miles run
Ford Ironman Florida

All back to back, all in one day! And she completed the Tri in 11:58. We are so proud of her. She has put long, hard hours into training and now she is an Iron woMan! She will be posting her race report as soon as she is recovered and if you want some inspiration, be sure to check it out!

Lana's Blog

Way to go Lana!!!

Tennessee White Trash

I use this title loosely... I love my state, my town, my home, but when you go to Wal-Mart and come out to find that your windshield has been shot, it makes you think twice about the people around you.

True story. Some jerk went around shooting windshields at Wal-Mart Saturday morning and mine was one of the lucky ones chosen! Talk about ruining your day. Then on top of that I have to pay $100 to get it fixed, my deductible. Life is not fair...

I got a phone call yesterday from a Manchester City Policeman and he needed me to take pictures of my windshield for evidence. They have the suspect and are almost certain he is the guy. So I ask him "Will I be able to get my $100 out of this guy?" Chances are no! He is a 30 year old male, with out a J.O.B. and it wouldn't be likely that I would get anything any time soon. Here I am busting my butt to support my family, my husband works multiple side jobs and we barely have enough to keep our heads above water. But then there is this guy, who is putting me out $100 and all that will happen to him is a felony behind his name...you know where I'm going with this... It's not fair and frankly it just hurts my feelings!

But that's Life! Right? God help us all...

Here are some pictures:

Fun Halloween Stuff

Halloween is Halloween...

Here are some pictures of most of our kiddos this year. We started the holiday at WOC the Sunday before Halloween at the Hoedown. Then on Halloween day I met Heather, Melissa and the kids on the square for trick or treating, lots of cute kids, lots of fun! That evening we went to Moms, it was like Thanksgiving, we had mounds of food, I guess that is a great thing about a big family! Enjoy the pictures :)

This sweet dress was made by Karen Crawford, my mothers friend!
Isn't it gorgeous!

Nana made this adorable pumpkin for EJ

Reagan and Campbell
Campbell, Ella and Carson

Jeramy and I went to our first Halloween party, together, on Saturday evening. Our costume was silly and a little risky, but it was all done in good fun.

GGW Mtsu Co-eds and Joe Francis