Friday, February 11, 2011

I can't really explain where I have been or what I've been doing....

We have definitely been busy, but it's not the "Oh I can't wait to BLOG about this!" type of busy. It's like most every day of the week is filled with good stuff like play dates and Dr's appointments, so I can't complain...I just feel kinda lame!

Well she is doing great! She loves that she has had lots of play time this week. She has been tired and sleeping good, but doesn't go to bed early! We have had a great week though, she has been helpful and happy and is she is so excited about her 3rd Birthday coming up! She probably talks about it everyday. We aren't planning a big party, but we are having a joint celebration with my nephew Dylan and our family!

She loves dancing and Barbies and anything girlie! Despite her efforts to do everything by herself...She is such a sweet and loving little girl!

He is doing good! Really starting to make some big movement and he has started getting the hiccups almost daily, usually in the morning. I am 29 weeks and will be going to the Dr. every two weeks until I reach 36 weeks. My weight gain is about 18 lbs, I'm not sure why I just put that out there but oh well! I feel large some days and not so big on others. I have had a lot of sciatic pain, but other than that everything is going great.

I have not done a whole lot to his room. I did get all of the baby necessities from Heather this past week and Ella has had more fun with that stuff... I don't feel rushed to have every little thing right away because I have the basics, but my wonderful group of friends in Manchester threw me and another one of our friends, that is due right after me, a surprise shower last night! It was so much fun and I got some really great things! Cute outfits, diapers, monogrammed bibs, burp clothes and a diaper cover, medicine, wash clothes....I feel so blessed!

The next week is suppose to be really nice outside so I'm hoping we can get out a little and knock some of this dust off of us... In the mean time, I'll try to think of some interesting posts to write about!