Friday, November 30, 2007

Holiday Stress

So I know it's going to happen, why can't I be better prepared? I'm the type of person who wants to try and please everybody...most of the time. So when it comes to Holidays I tend to overdue it. My stresses this year are already starting and I need to get it under control before it gets the best of me. Things that don't even concern me stress me out! I need to listen to my Old Crow CD, there is a song on there that might just do me some good. This is the chorus:

Let it alone, let it alone
If it don't concern you, let it alone
Don't go around putting on airs
And meddling in other folks' affairs
If you don't know, say so
Mind your own business and let it alone

I stress over people, money, food, gifts(what to give), money, people and everything else that comes with the Holidays. I want everything to go as planned if not better! I want people to be satisfied with me and not disappointed. Tonight, I have a work event that I kinda headed up. The seats aren't that good, but it is a small venue and they ran out of room before we could get every bodies reservations. So today my stresses begin. Tomorrow I have a list of things a mile long to do and they all cost money...of course! I have to remind myself to be conservative when it comes to purchasing things this month, because I will overdue it and run out of money way too fast. Next comes the events... there is a lot on my calendar this month and I just want it to come and go with out much worry! Easier said then done. I have bought and wrapped 90% of my gifts this year, but there is always that feeling of forgetting someone or something. So here is my plan:

To keep track of EVERYTHING in this tiny little notepad! My bills, my gift list, my cash envelopes, my events....everything!!!

I hope my plan works and I hope it helps my brain remember things(I am 26 wks. pregnant you know, my mind isn't as quick as it usually is!) I have these random thoughts as soon as I put my notepad down. Like "I forgot to write down the bread to go with the spinach dip" or "Oh crap, I didn't budget for paint supplies!" The wants and needs are endless but the money flow seems to run out way too quickly! I hope I make it through this month...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tagged by Holly Jane!

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1. Growing up I was very active in sports. Mostly Basketball. I played post because I was slightly taller than most. As you know playing post requires some jumping, well my father, to this day, makes fun of me and my lack of space between me and the floor. Later I went on to play Volleyball and he questions how I even made the team...I always come back with "I get it from you!" Needless to say, Air Bethy did not fly long!

2. I love camping! When I was in High School, my best friend Erin and I were quite the outdoor enthusiasts. One night we decided we wanted to have a girl's camping trip, so we packed up and drove into the middle of the woods. We set up camp next to an old tree stand, where we gathered and cut our own wood and took in the wildlife. This continued for many months. We keep tents and sleeping bags in the trunks of our cars so we would be ready to go at the drop of a dime. As our outing caught on, more girls would join us. One night we had a mixture of boys and girls at our campsite. (note: Boys were not allowed, rule by Erin's dad) As we headed out the door that evening Mr. Gill suspected something, but still let us leave the house. Sitting around the campfire, doing things that were probably bad, I decided I did not like the group that had joined us that night, so I went to bed. Next thing I know, I wake up to Mr. Gill Standing off in the woods with his dog. They had taken an evening hike to see what us girl's were up to! The boys freaked out and had to leave, but good little Bethany was the only one who did not get in trouble! After that, she was the only one the parents trusted! ;)

3. I am the youngest of five children. My parents divorced when I was in 6th grade. Over the years my family has grown even more. I now have two more half sisters and three step sisters! I also have 13 nieces and nephews and with mine on the way that will make 14 grandchildren for my Mom.

4. Jeramy and I got engaged on July 3, 2004. We did not want to wait till the new year to get married, so we chose the month of September to tie the knot! Not enough time to plan a wedding, we decided to go away and get married. We chose Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This was the first time for either of us to leave the country. As we landed in Punta Cana, we found that Jeramy's luggage was not on the plane. He had nothing! Except for his ceremony clothes that I carried on with my dress. The good thing was that they located his luggage in Miami, the bad thing was Hurricane Francis was due to hit Miami at any time! Jeramy was so stressed out and I cried the whole way to the hotel, locked myself in the bathroom and cried some more. "What a horrible idea I had to get married on an island!" is all I could think about. "It was all my fault!" My sweet husband realized the state of distress I was in and convinced me to open the door. We spent the next 30 minutes sitting on the toilet as he held and rocked me back to sanity! His luggage came the next day around 5:00pm. Thank you Lord!!!

5. August 26, 2006 I ran my first 5k race in Manchester, TN. I was convinced that I could do it by my great friend Holly! So I trained and practiced and I wasn't completely ready, but I did it and felt good about myself, ready for the next one! That evening Jeramy and I went to a MTSU Pig Skin Pre-Game party (Alumni kick-off for football). The alcohol was flowing and we had a wonderful time! Left the party and headed out to Bluesboro where we found Holly and Jamie! Bethy had already had too much to drink, it had been a great day... We decided it was time to go and as we headed towards Manchester my car started making funny noises. Next thing we know the engine was locked and we were stranded! Jeramy decided we needed to push the car to a gas station up the road. He was pushing from behind and yelled at me to come help push and steer the car. At this point we had great momentum, he yelled to me to jump in and stop the car so we did not run into the gas station. As I did this, in flip flops and a skirt, I missed my window of opportunity, with one leg in the car my butt hit the side of the door and I fell to the ground. Next thing I know my back tires are running over both of my legs! Jeramy didn't know what to do or really what had happened. He ran around me and jumped in the car to stop it. As I'm laying in the middle of the road helpless and crying he yells at me to "GET UP! GET UP!" I got up, limped over to the car and climed in as we waited for our ride to come get us! We were both so scared, but I was OKAY besides a couple of scrapes and scars. No broken bones. How lucky am I! I was back to running in just a couple of weeks and did better then I had before the accident...I guess I was just determined to not let this keep me down!

I tag Heather and Jill!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Holidays

So the Holidays are here and they are in full swing! We have had a very busy weekend, but it has been very enjoyable. It all started off on Wednesday November 21st when I went to my sister Heather's to make our "Mom's Apple Pies." This has become a tradition that we look forward to on every Thanksgiving. You can access the pie recipe from The Brand Family blog. This year we were joined by our sister-in-law Melissa and we made 8 apple pies!!! What a great start to Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving was wonerful as usual... More food then we could eat and the great fellowship of my family(we missed you Tim & Mary Helen). But it was a great day and we all have a lot to be Thankful for. After dinner we headed to my other Mom's house. Helen and Glenn just built a beautiful house in Bradyville, so they kept their Holiday low key because they were just exhausted. We visited for a while and Jeramy and his mom cooked up some venicean, He totally gets his cooking bug from her...

As we returned home, I could not wait to get my new Christmas tree up. I love it!!!! I spent all Friday decorating my house and my tree.

Friday night we headed to Smyrna to watch the Bulldogs beat out Wilson Central in the Semi-finals. It was an exciting game for our friend Coach Pip! We met Jill along with Kent's parents in 40 degree weather to cheer on the 2006 State Champs as they make their way to another championship! We are so proud of you Kent!!!

To wrap up the weekend, I will be heading to Brentwood to celebrate Madison's 5th Birthday!!! Madison is my best friend Kylee's oldest. She is such a creative young woman and I just can't believe how time flies! So with all of that said....this is just the beginning of a fun filled Holiday season!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sugar Momma!

So today was my 24 week check-up (6 months). I saw a new doctor today, Dr. Redden, and I really liked her. She brought lots of encouragement and excitement to my visit! However, I still love Dr. Jones... So back to my appointment: Today I had to have my glucose test!!! I was very scared because it is the week of Thanksgiving and I have already had my work dinner to enjoy for 2 days in a row. Tuesday, after my turkey and dressing breakfast, I decided to drink water until my eyes were floating and that is exactly how I felt! DETOX... So I woke this morning to enjoy nothing but my fruit punch glucose drink. As the nurse pricks my finger I say a quick prayer that I will be able to enjoy the rest of my Holiday meals! YAY~ I passed with a 136! Bring on the Apple Pie...

I also learned today that I have gained 9 pounds from my last appointment! Now normally I would not share that type of information, but I am pregnant and I have totally hit a growth spurt in the past couple of weeks. I am not going to take this too serious because up till now, I have not gained a whole lot of weight. Now if I can keep my total weight gain around 30 lbs. I will be a happy camper! Let's pray for a 7lb. baby!!!

Why...because it's fun!

So I was laughing at my sister, who recently started her own blog, and told her it was the same as Myspace, which everyone makes fun of me for doing. But I use Myspace to keep up with my closest friends and even some family that I don't get to see very often. It's the day before Thanksgiving and I am at work, while everyone is at my Mother's having a pre-turkey day gathering...yes, I'm jealous! Seeing that I'm not inthe mood to work, I thought I would create a blog too! (for those of you who think myspace is the devil) jk :) But it is a great way for people to see what's going on in the Arnold household these days.

So enjoy reading and leave me lots of comments...