Saturday, April 5, 2008

Special Visitors and Holiday Firsts

Last weekend we had a special surprise visit from Grandpa, Grandma Amy, Rachael and Emily. They live in Ohio and have not had a chance to come see Ella and of course the rest of the kiddos. Rachael and Emily are the best Aunts, they love all of the little ones so much!

Emily Holding Ella!

Rachael and Ella laid back!

The fun thing about Holidays and new babies are the fun accessories! Here are some pictures of Ella and her holiday bibs.

Baby's First Easter!

My 1st St. Patrick's Day!
Ella enjoyed some green milk ;) jk!

New Friends!

We have a lot of new friends! We have been so fortunate to share this pregnancy with many of our close friends: Pete and Cheryl, Jack and Tracy, Josh and Lindsay. We all had February and March babies! Michael and Kim, Phil and Bethany(in Orlando) and now Kent and Jill are all expecting... How lucky we are and will be to have so many close friends as our sweet little children grow up together! What a blessing...

Kayla Brooke
March 7, 2008

Kayla & Ella's first play date!
They were super excited, as you can see...

Chelsea Elizabeth
March 26, 2008