Friday, December 21, 2007

Reality Check

Yesterday was my 7 month appointment. Ella is doing great and is moving all around. It took a minute or two to even find the heartbeat, but once we did it was very strong! I also received my Rhogam shot yesterday. Harmless! I was kinda nervous, because I have heard bad rumors about it being the worst shot ever received. I guess they made some changes on it...

Now on to the reality check: It seems as though I am gaining too much weight. My doctor simply advised me to walk 30 minutes a day and to cut out my sugary drinks, etc. She said that will really help me cut unwanted calories so that my weight gain does not get out of control. Okay, I have not been the best patient, I will admit that...but I really and honestly don't feel that I have put on as much as the scales say! But the scale does not lie, now does it :( So I'm definitely feeling sorry for myself today. But my mind is a workin' and I just have to do better! I can not go on with my pitty party because it is not fair to those around me...i.e.) Jeramy, with whom I had a break down on last night! Sorry baby!

My game plan: To count my calories and exercise, when I can! Pre-baby, I had lost 15 pounds by counting my calories and exercising. I felt good and I looked better then I had in a long time. Here is a picture of Jeramy and I at the beach in April:
I wasn't smaller then when Jeramy and I first met, but I was more toned! I was pleased... Now when I got pregnant I was very self conscious about my weight gain. I tried to walk, but could not due to the heat...twice I overheated and got when the weather was cool enough to get out in, I had lost my fire. However, I did eat pretty well. But in the past two months, I guess I have destroyed my chances of keeping my weight gain under 30 I have not crossed that mark yet, but I still have 2 1/2 months to go.

New goal: To keep my weight gain to 35 lbs or under! Eat 2100 (good) calories a day and exercise.

I am not trying to lose weight. My first priority is for my baby to be healthy! I simply want to eat better foods and get some walking in as much as I can. I realized this morning that the juice I thoroughly enjoy every morning is packed with sugar, duh! So it is these simple things that I am going to watch and treat myself to on occasion. Maybe after Christmas the sweet treats won't be as readily available and I won't grab a hand full of whatever, whenever I walk by!

Any suggestions you can give me will be much appreciated and even healthy snack favorites you would like to share... Plus prayer! I will take it all...