Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun in the Snow 2010

In the five years that I have lived here on this hill, the one thing I have wanted to do is sled down it! Well today was the day :) 1 maybe 2 inches of snow and ice turned into 6 inches of snow! When Jeramy finally made it home, we headed outside and sled down that hill over and over and over... We had a blast! Ella did it all by herself, as you saw in the video, Jeramy sled with her, I sled with her; we had a fantastic time!

This morning was pretty interesting too! As the snow began to fall, the cars began to pile up. Ella spent the afternoon, flipping around in her ball tent and I went from window to window reporting to the Facebook world the activity outside of my house. I had to share it with somebody!

This is a beautiful shot out of my kitchen window!

This is all of the drama! Car after car piled up and down the hill. People out running around, kids on dirt bikes, dogs in the road... I just knew someone or something was going to get hurt or smashed into.

But all is safe and thanks to one very good Samaritan who towed everyone that was stuck right up that hill! Tonight is going to get bad, more ice and more snow. We are safely tucked in for the night and plan to play tomorrow!