Monday, November 30, 2009

Tennessee Christmas

Oh how I love this time of year! The lights, the presents, the bows... Once it is all done, I love to just sit and stare at all of the beauty. For me, there is such a standard in the way things should be, I have a vision in my head and I know what I want! Do you ever do that? So I start decorating and create this image the best that I can. This year it seems I have done things in sections... I started with my home decor, a couple of days later I proceeded with my tree, the only thing left is the outdoor lights(which is the hubbies job!) However, I did make some cedar swags for my front porch benches with some left over cedar branches. I think they look beautiful, very Tennessee Christmas!
And of course a glimpse of our tree! It was pretty rough getting this thing completed this year, so I turned on the Christmas music and tried to enjoy it as best as I could. The time did pass quickly with the music filling my mind with Christmas!

I saw something in Better Homes and Gardens and I loved it, and I knew I could do it too! Here is my version of BHG's Ornament Centerpiece:

But it seemed kinda lost in that tray... So I added some ribbon and Wa-La! It was very easy to do this... Gather some ornament balls, hot glue them together, garnish with some cedar bush!

I love the ribbon, it adds that certain color splash I was looking for! And last but not least, ornaments from the light fixture! I stole this idea from a couple different people; Heather, Pam... and I'm sure many many more! But I just love it :) It is so simple and I love the decoration it brings into my kitchen.

If you have some of your favorite Christmas decorating ideas, I'd love to hear them! Happy Holidays everyone....