Tuesday, June 24, 2008

4 Months!!!!

Ella Jean and Uncle Craig

Ella Jean is now 4 months old! Wow, this time has flown by... It feels like it was yesterday when we brought that little girl home from the hospital. She was tiny! And now She is all over the place...

Yesterday we had her 4 month check-up and her shots. I am soooo proud of her! She let out a good scream when she was first pricked but after that I picked her right up and she was all smiles, what a little trooper. She had a fussy afternoon, but she slept great last night and all is well!

Now for the fun stuff, her stats:

11lbs 5.5oz 23 1/3in long

She is still little but she is growing and that is all that matters! Nana, Jeramy's mom, says he was the same way. She said it took him FOREVER to get to 15lbs! Dr. Libby and I had a lot to talk about. Ella still spits up, A LOT! She was taking Axid but I just did not like it, it didn't seem like it worked. So we are switching her to PrevAcid SoluTab, so please pray for Ella and her little tummy. I just hope she will grow out of this soon... We also talked about cereal! Dr. Libby said to go ahead and give her cereal and to start introducing Stage 1 foods! YAY!!! We went home last night and had some rice cereal with a little bit of pears mixed in...Ella loved it! So today we had it again for breakfast. She seems to be doing pretty good with the pears, no allergic reactions, yet!

On a previous post I showed you a video of Ella rolling over, well this is our latest trick:

She is all about her tummy now and just moves those legs back and forth! She is also all about holding her head up! Whether it is in the car seat or in the Bumbo, she is definitely using those neck muscles!

Ride till you're red in the face!

So today I picked up my riding again. I rode some Friday but it wasn't as long as planned. Yesterday, was Ella's 4 month check up, I'll post about that next, and I didn't take a lunch so no riding on Monday. So I was bound and determined to get out there today! I pretty much did the same route as last time, with an out and back on Old Lascassas. It was a great ride, hotter then the first one! I ran into a little construction on Rutherford Blvd but was able to get around that pretty smoothly.

Today's Ride:

7 miles in 46 minutes(estimate)

I am nice and sweaty today and my hair is pretty wet, my face is also blood red...I think I need to bring a blow dryer and some make-up to work....

My plan:
Ride- Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Run- Tuesday, Thursday

Yes you read right, I am going to attempt running again! Running is a slow progression and for someone who is eager to lose weight and get their body back it is a lot of work and little results...at first! I know it takes time to gain distance, but right now, I am totally overwhelmed with running. My friend Angel, another recently new momma, is wanting to attempt running. She claims it is really the only thing that will get her tummy back in shape. If you ask me, she looks great! But I understand the whole flab thing... So together we are going to attempt this journey to the land of the FIRM!