Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Run Momma Run!

I have been so bad with my biking this week! One thing after another and it just hasn't gotten done. I told you how Monday I forgot my clothes, well Tuesday I got super busy at work and just didn't leave...all day!

Last night, Jeramy kept Ella and I headed over the Angel's for our little run. Henry, her little one, joined for an evening cruise! He was such a trooper ;)

Angel and Henry
The run was pretty much the same as it has been. We followed the same route and even tried to go a little further. Well it turns out that a little further was actually a dead end! So we turned around and headed back. We both had side cramps almost the whole time :( That's the bad thing about late evening runs... when do you eat dinner? I had a bologna sandwich around 6pm then ran around 7:45pm. Angel did about the same thing. It seems so late to be eating after the run, but maybe I just need to eat closer to 5pm? Who knows...

We are going to run again tonight due to the Holiday weekend. I don't know if I will get to ride this week? I will pick up strong next week....

Happy 4th of July everyone!