Monday, March 9, 2009


I had some photos on my phone that I wanted to share. They are just sweet memories and events in our lives.

Sunday, Ella and I spent the day with Daddy. It was a fantastic day! We all needed the good, wholesome time together. Jeramy is the hardest working man I know. He does this to provide for Me and the Ella Bean! We have recently taken on chickens... We don't own the farm, unfortunately, but we own the thousands of chickens in the houses. Ella had a ball running up and down the drive way. Daddy also brought out a baby chick for Ella to watch and she was amazed!

It is officially Spring at the Arnold Residence...The calendar may not say it but we definitely feel it! Ella loves being out side. She plays in the rocks and throws a ball to the dogs and even likes to balance on her toys!

This girl has NO fear...

Yesterday, while outside she discovered the steps. She went up and tried to walk down like an adult, "Lord Help Me!" If Jeramy and I weren't there to catch her she would have just fallen... So I tried and tried to show her how to crawl back down on her belly, even after all of that, she still just walked off!

There is no doubt that Ella is an outside girl :)