Wednesday, January 2, 2008

One Step Closer

Being off work the week of Christmas was super nice, but thank God I was able to help out in Bell Buckle! Sunday and Monday I was bored....Stayed in my pj's all day and attempted to take down Christmas but got bored with it, so New Years Day I decided to go to Murfreesboro. I really did not have an agenda, but I went anyway. Started off at Lowe's where I got (2) glass knobs for the closet door in Ella's room(they match the knobs on the dresser). Then I headed to Target. As I was walking through the home department, looking for a rug, I found an affordable curtain rod with glass on each end. $14.99, how can you beat that! So I thought "I better get that for my little Ella!" As I continued walking, I cruised through the curtains, not planning on buying anything but I wanted to see the selection of white curtains. Not too much to choose from... Then in the "shabby chic" section I found beautiful pink linen sheers. They are very light and I thought "Hmmm those would look just as good as white." (2) sheers for $19.99 and it was the only pack they had. "I shouldn't pass this up..." So in my arms they went! This is all stuff I need right? Happy with my purchase I decide it is time to leave the Boro so I won't spend any more $$. On my way out I stop at my Brother and SIL to see the bunk beds they had refinished for my nephews...ADORABLE! I love it...I love little boy stuff :) Maybe one day. They are so generously giving me the baby furniture to use! And Melissa had some goodies for me to take home. I am so excited and we should get the bed and changing table as soon as my dear hubby goes to get them! Thanks guys!!! I head home after my little stop and get to work hanging the curtains, so I can surprise Jeramy when he got home. Why stop there... Ella's name for Christmas was drawn by Beth, my niece, and she and my mom got ELLA in wood letters for my wall, above the crib. I decided to go ahead and hang those too! I love it...and it is all coming together so nicely! Jeramy was extremely surprised and we both just starred in awe at how wonderful it all looked. One and half weeks away from 8 months...can you believe this?