Monday, February 23, 2009

The First of Many...

What can I say... It has been a wonderful time in the Arnold household! Here is a quick recap of the past year:

On February 19, 2008 I awoke to a beautiful surprise. Our sweet Ella was coming and there was nothing I could do to stop her. She was 3 weeks early, but in my mind I knew this was right. I knew that she was one of us. Jeramy and I always celebrate early! It is just the way we like to do things. So once my water broke, just after midnight, our journey into parenthood was right in front of our eyes. On that day at 12:34 pm she blessed us with her presence. If only I could go back and see her again for the first time, to see the look on Jeramy's proud face, to REALLY appreciate the love and the family that was there with us!

Fast forward to February 19, 2009, our baby girl is celebrating her 1st Birthday. On Friday we came together with all of our friends and family who were there with us that special year ago. It was so bitter sweet for me. Everything was kind of a blur, but Ella celebrated the only way she knew how and that was by putting a smile on every bodies face, the way she does every single day.
This is the old Fredonia School House where we had Ella's First Birthday Celebration! Jeramy's Father actually attended this school for 1st and 2nd grades!

Cake and Present table. My SIL Pam made the 'Sweet Ella' banner for my baby shower. I love that banner and had always planned to use it for Ella's 1st Birthday.
After many trial runs I finally made a cake that I can be proud of! To be honest I am very proud and I am so happy with how great the cakes turned out.
Mom ordered these delicious cookies. It was a great idea! Thanks Mom :)

These were Ella's party favors! I loved this idea from Everyday Celebrating. My girlfriend, Katy, showed me this link for the fondant polka dots, which I also got off of the above link. I knew I wanted fondant polka dots but I had no clue as to where I could buy them. The favors are cones made out of card stock in which I use stamps to create the polka dots on the card stock ( Thanks Melissa!). I filled the cones with pink and white chocolate popcorn. I got this idea from our friend Jody, she made MTSU Blue popcorn for homecoming! So I used some food coloring for the pink. It turned out so well and was a huge success!
Here I am with the party girl!
Carson and all of the other kiddos movin' it on the stage!
This is my good friend Jill's Mother with Cade and Tinsley (I'm sure you've heard me talk about them before). Terri came to help out Jill with the kids, since Kent had Baseball practice. I love these two with all of my heart and I'm so glad they were there with us to celebrate Ella's special day. A funny story: Earlier that day I'm at the party site trying to set up and move tables. I was just about to lose my cool... There were tables everywhere and Ella Jean had already fallen off the stage TWICE! She knows "feet first!" but failed to do it and had a good little bruise on the corner of her eye. Well Like I said I was just about to lose my cool when I got a phone call from Jill. She had driven out to find the place before it was dark and she was standing on the porch. I quickly asked if she could help me! She was my Angel... God knew I needed help and placed her there at the perfect moment. This is why she is a blessing in my life! She is and always will be there for me. I can't thank you enough!

Here are 3 of my beautiful sisters! They were such a great help with everything...
Heather, Mary Helen, and Melissa

This is Jeramy's Dad, Ron and SM Terri looking at a baby album of when Ella was just born! I thought it would be neat to have the album at the party.

Ella chowing down on some pizza!
10 of the most beautiful Little people I know!


Opening presents! Ella has so much enthusiasm for things in life...I pray she will continue that throughout the years to come.

Katelyn, Maggie and Rylee having a good ole' time!
More presents!

How can a one year old know how fabulous shoes are? But she did... She threw her arms in the air waving the shoes like she was so excited!
Fridge DJ...oh yeah!
~A yummy marsh mellow sucker~
Nana! Aunt Missa and Uncle Keith and Carson and Aunt Mary Helen!
These beautiful little shoes were my first walking shoes! As a surprise to me and a gift to Ella, my Mother hand painted them. What a beautiful gift and boy did I almost lose it! Thanks Mom, I Love them and I know one day Ella will too...
Now it's time for the cake! After a beautiful "Happy Birthday!" Ella dove right into her cake. I think this girl was made for cake :) She devoured it and enjoyed every bite. I wish we had a video now because she could so do a commercial for a First Birthday...that's how perfect it was!

Right before I took it away...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And the party begins...

Ella's 1st Birthday is fast approaching! And the presents have started coming... What a lucky little Bean she is!!!

Part of my Mom's gift to Ella was a beautiful little dress and top that I picked out for her to wear the night of her party. So last night we stopped by to see Gramma and let Ella open her first present. It is so cute and I just can't wait, but no pictures yet...we don't want to ruin the cuteness ;) Thanks Gramma!!! We love you...

Last night when we got home, Ella had another gift from Uncle Greg and Aunt Kimmie! I pulled it out of the box, all wrapped in tissue paper and laid it on the floor for Ella to open. She dug right in and pulled out the cutest little stuffed elephant! It is soo sweet and it is the perfect size for Ella, she carries it all around the house. Here is a little video of her opening it:

Thank you Uncle Greg and Aunt Kimmie! You are so sweet and thoughtful, We love you and we miss you!!!