Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Spontaneous: arising from a momentary impulse

If you know me, you know I love being spontaneous! I am always up for a spur of the moment road trip or camping trip.

Thursday evening all of the kids get a text message from Amy, our step mom. They were going on a weekend getaway to Sky Valley, GA and asked if any of us would be interested in a last minute trip to join them and surprise our Dad for his 57th Birthday. Well that sounds like fun, I wonder who else could possibly go? So I get on the phone to my lovely sister, who also enjoys these little road trips and asked if she'd be interested? 24 hours later we are on the road to the Georgia Mountains!

We got there about 15 minutes prior to my Dads arrival and surprised him with our presence! What a great surprise!!! His two daughters from Tennessee! Well I was excited anyways... We get finally get to bed around 2:00am, to awake at 7:30am. Baby's don't sleep very late... Shortly, Heather and her girls wake up and then comes Rachael and Emily(our little sisters).

We enjoy visiting with the girls and they are loving Rylee, Reagan, and Ella! They just love playing with them... Heather and I make a big pot of coffee and we enjoyed the morning sitting on the deck! (Could it get any better!) After everyone was up, we loaded the cars and drove to Highland, NC looking for some waterfalls and entertainment for the kiddos! We came to 2 little falls and at the second we all got out and played!

After a fun morning we headed to town to get some lunch followed by some ice cream! Yummy! Highland, NC must be some sort of ski town or college town but it was very Yuppie. It was a beautiful little town with lots of shops and B&B. After we ate we found a recreation area and enjoyed the afternoon swimming! On our way home we stopped by a fresh market on the side of the road to get veggies for dinner. We ended the night grilling chicken and veggies and eating Key Lime Birthday pie!

It was a great weekend and I 'm so glad we were able to be apart of Dad's Birthday!