Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Whatta Day!

My new life is in full swing! It's about 5:50am on Tuesday and I just sent the hubby off with a packed lunch and a croissant breakfast(Jimmy Dean). We have a full day today so going back to bed is not an option today. I thought I would enjoy a hot cup of Joe and reach out to my bloggy friends!

Yesterday was our first day home together, without a fever or a runny nose or a sick momma.
It was bliss!!!
Ella woke up pretty early so I never got a shower. Now I totally get why KIM is always up by like 3am :) a little exaggerated.... but seriously the day flew fast and my shower didn't come until around 4pm.

It was quite an eventful day. First thing after breakfast, Ella was hunched over like she was doin' #2! If you have or had a youngin' you know the stance I'm talkin' about! So I simply asked her if she needed to go "Poopy in the Potty." She looks at the bathroom, then looks back at me and heads for the porcelain throne! So I strip her down and set her on her special potty seat. Surprising enough she Pee peed! So we got off of the toilet to go put a diaper on...when I turned around she wasn't there, she was still in the bathroom. As I head back in I got quite a surprise! A nice pile of "you know what" right beside the toilet!!! Ha!

So from this point on I decided to try the potty training. I gave her treats, she got juice and we even went to buy pull-ups! We had a great day, until her LATE afternoon nap. She woke up as a bear. And didn't want a thing to do with going "pee pee in the potty!" Today I will continue but not going to push as hard. She will be staying t Aunt Melissa's for a bit today while I get my hair done! Yes, ladies and Gents I am getting my hair done!!! And according to my hubby...I need it!

Well I hear the little poopy head now.... Have a wonderful day!!!