Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Brand New View

I am so excited !!! Today I got new Furniture. Jeramy and I have been talking about this for some time now and just have not found anything we like. Then piece by piece we found what we wanted. I was finally able to get Jeramy to the furniture store last Saturday, showed him the couch I liked and he bought it for me!!! Sunday we went to purchase the recliner, that we were able to take home right then and there and today I got the couch. I love it and I am so lucky that my husband would do this for me.

This week I also got these two fabulous bar stools for my kitchen. I saw them at Ross when I was doing some Christmas shopping for a very low price! I spread the word that I wanted them, they are a perfect match for my kitchen! And don't they look so cute... Needless to say I have had a GREAT Christmas so far!

And just to finish things off here is my Christmas tree. If I could keep this up all year I would, I just love the way it fills up my house. To me it is just so cozy!

It may have taken 3 years to get some of these things, but it was well worth the wait and we are so thankful for everything we have!