Friday, July 25, 2008

So maybe I should change my heading...

So the whole wisdom teeth removal has taken me out! It has been a week today, and I am still in pain or should I say pressure? When I panicked and went in to see the oral surgeon on Monday he gave me this yellow goo for dry socket, I don't think I have dry socket but that nasty goo is the only thing that brings me relief. Sadly I did not figure this out until Wednesday, technically Thursday morning at about 3am. So yesterday I gooed all day and I made it through the day at work with very little pressure. (Will these holes just close already!)

Needless to say, my diet has been off and my exercise has come to a screeching hold! Not to mention my quality time with Jeramy and EJ are lacking as well. I'm praying that next week brings healing, energy and good choices!

Meanwhile, EJ is just getting so big! I can't wait till her 6 mth check-up to see her stats. Jeramy and I are also planning our first family vacation to Folly Beach, SC. If you have ever been there, give me your thoughts...

This is what our view from the condo looks like!

We will first visit my dad at his new home in Savannah, GA! We can't wait...I miss them and we are truly excited to learn about their new home. I hear they have alligators and large oak trees... Jeramy is going to love this place! We talk daily about what kind of seafood we will be enjoying and how we can't wait to just lay on the beach and play with Ella!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!