Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sunny Days!

I love nice Spring weather... I crave it! And we have had a couple of those days. It gives me the itch to be outside, to cookout, to be active. I only pray there are more of these days to come before I have to go back to work! Earlier this week I convinced Heather to bring the girls down to Manchester and go to the park. It was a quick trip, but definitely a fun one!

Today was another fabulous day... Ella and I met Jill and Cade at Subway for a healthy lunch and then we went to the park for a nice walk and some play time. It was gorgeous outside!!! I picked up a bubble wand at Wal-Mart for Cade and we had a blast chasing bubbles. He was king of the playground, fearless! I love it... He is such a big boy now :)

Ella really enjoys the fresh air. I think she is going to be an outdoor girl like her mother... hehehe!

We're doing good....

Last Friday Ella had her two week check up. She weighed in at 6 lbs 6.5oz and her length was 19 5/8in. She is growing so well!!! She gained 10oz. in 11 days. At that visit I asked if we could give her a real bath since she lost her umbilical cord. She did not enjoy it... neither did I! I was stressed and I think she was cold? Who knows, hopefully it will get better. But here are some naked baby pictures of her and her first bath!