Friday, January 9, 2009

Poor Baby

Yesterday morning Ella woke up with a fever. No big deal, she is getting the cold/chest stuff we've all had... I gave her some meds and off we went to Aunt Mary Helen's. As I sat at work, I could not stop thinking about EJ and hoping she wouldn't make Dylan sick! I convince myself "I must go get her!" Not long after that I got a call from MH and she was telling me of Ella's fever and I decided to leave then, my baby needs me!

We spend the rest of the day playing and snuggling. Suddenly she became very fussy! I knew she was tired but this was more of a pain of some sort. I change her diaper and take her temp..102 degrees! Oh my, so what do I do.... Call Aunt Heather! She gives me the assurance I need as well as the advice I was looking for. This is Ella's first "sickness." She has had colds but never with a fever this high! I give her a luke warm bath and snuggle her in her PJs. A while later, after she wakes up, she is burnin up! Of course Daddy is super concerned and hops on the internet to help me find how to break a fever. (I think our intuition was right) We had already removed her clothes, given her the bath and we had started Motrin/Tylenol every four hours to keep the fever down. She did good through the night, only waking up a couple of times and I also gave her some more meds around 2am.

Today has not been good! Ella has become extremely snotty and drooly. She has also had some pretty stinky BMs. After a long day, I realized there was somethin in her mouth? A tooth? NO! Really? Yep, a little white spot, where sometime soon a toothwill push on through!!! Now I have thought those teeth were coming for a long time! So with this fever and snot, I refused to say it was her teeth.

The interesting thing is that it is not the tooth that is suppose to erupt first? It is on the bottom but it is next to the middle two. So this leads me to believe that we aregoing to have an interesting couple of weeks with all of these teeth coming in and catching her up! Say some prayers for our little Bean!