Friday, July 11, 2008

Ella's Going Green!

As you know Ella is eating cereal and stage 1 foods. This week she has REALLY enjoyed the eating process! 2 nights ago I gave her green peas and she loved them... She could hardly wait for the next bite :) Below is a video clip of her eating green beans, which she equally likes, and she gets so excited and anxious. She is also making this growling noise that is so hilarious...

I get it...

Yes, I know I have not posted this week...

Well mainly that is because I haven't done any workouts! So I get it, I get why blogging is another way to keep your self accountable! I have logged on every day with nothing to write about... I close it out in shame :(

This is my week:
Monday-30min lunch ride( hot as heck)
Thursday-jog with Angel!
Friday-walk on lunch

Monday was a hard ride. It was very hot and humid. I took a new route up through the M'boro square. At first I was very pleased, then I made a right turn into the Ghetto... I was hoping to come out by Oakland's Mansion, but decided to high tale it back to the square when a large septic truck stopped directly in front of me, not on the side of the street but directly in front of me. Like I said, it wasn't the best area and the driver was kinda scary. I guess I'm being judgmental, but I am going to be that way when I am solo!(oh and right before that, there was this kid, well maybe 20's, that was sitting on a front porch smoking a left handed cigarette and staring me down, so I was already a little wigged out!)

I have been really tired this week, guess I'm recovering from the Holiday weekend... but I haven't had a lot of energy. But I made myself get out and jog with Angel last night. When will it get easier? I inhaled lots of bugs and today I can barely walk, I think I pulled my sciatica? So I'm going to try and walk it out on my lunch break.

How was every ones Fourth of July? We had a great weekend... Friday we went to my Mom's and enjoyed some wonderful food and BBQ that Richard made! Saturday, we took EJ to Nanna's and Jeramy and I went to the lake! We also took the jeep!!! This is the first time we have been in the jeep together this year.
We had a great time at the lake. Me and Jeramy, Brad and Katy, Thomas and Holly(good friends), it was a perfect crowd! We enjoyed some time on the water, then wrapped up the evening with some Daiquiri's and a round of Partini! Good times :)

Evening Boat Cruise