Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Exciting Times for Ella Jean!

This week Ella is going to be 4 months! Can you believe that...

For weeks she has been so close to rolling over but just couldn't get that arm under her. Well Saturday morning was the day:

Monday my little bean slept all day, can we say growth spurt? She has also gone from eating 4oz every three hours to eating 5 to 6oz every three to four hours and gnawing on her little hands like crazy. This morning as I was giving her a 6oz bottle I decided I was going to give her some rice cereal too. I left about an ounce in her bottle, woke up Jeramy to take pictures and mixed a tablespoon of cereal. I was so nervous and excited but we all had a great time! Ella seemed to really get the hang of it... I'm so proud of her!

The end result was pretty clean!


So this past weekend was Bonnaroo. For those of you who are not familiar with the Roo, it is a weekend full of camping and music all crammed into my small little town, Manchester, TN. Over 100 bands to choose from and close to 100,000 people! It is pretty crazy but we always manage to take part :) Jeramy took part Friday night and got to enjoy Metallica and Willie Nelson, I was not too interested in either so I hung out with my Ella Jean and our little friend Henry, who had a sleep over with us! Saturday, me, Jeramy and Kim headed out while Ella got to spend the night with Nana. We met up with lots of our friends and had a fabulous time listening to B.B. King, who was given "the key to the city, " Jack Johnson and Pearl Jam! What a great night. Sunday Jeramy and I headed out to see Yonder Mountain String Band, who was great! And O.A.R. Kim met us up there and we took in just a little bit more of the spectacular weekend.

Holly and Me


Brad and Katy

Me and Kim