Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PT Day 3

Let start by saying...I am exhausted! I am tired of being cooped up in this house and I know Ella is too!
Potty training is having its ups and its downs. This is a process and I am trying to be as patient as I can! But I totally get why it is so easy to just put it off for another time. For me, we have come this far and I am not giving up now!
For the past two days, we have been naked as a Jay Bird! (Ella that is...) Today we introduced panties, Yay panties! I have had them out and she has played with them over the past two days, if she managed to get them on, she could keep them on. The thing with panties is that she is a little confused... I mean the whole naked thing, there is nothing to catch the pee pee, but panties, well they are kinda like a diaper, right? Let's just say that I have washed panties at least twice in the past two days!
Today she really has done better with these pantie things on! (I say that imagining what Ella thinks of them!) She has pee peed in two pair, BUT she has caught herself and gone to the toilet, which to me is GREAT! Ella is napping early today since she woke up 4:38am and then again at 5:06! So we are both pretty tired today. My hopes are to clothe her after her nap and see if she can continue to progress! It's going to be a battle just getting her into clothes, since she is much happier running around naked :)