Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's That U Say...

You've missed me ;-) Well I've missed you too!

Now that school is over for me for a while, I am needing an outlet. So it occurred to me that Once Upon a Time.... I had a blog! What better way to share the exciting happenings of my life. Let me take you back a minute; last time I blogged, was about May...Mother's Day I believe. That was a hard year for us as a family, but boy did we have an incredible summer! We camped, we went to the beach, we went floating on the river and so on, It really was a great time for us. August comes around and we find ourselves trying for another baby. September hits us with a BOOM! Baby and School. 3 online classes and one sick Momma! Hello. September through November were rough. December rolls around, school is almost out, Momma's feeling good, Daddy is happier with Momma, Ella is being a trooper and we find out that a little BOY will be joining us around the end of April. You still with me...

So I'm thankful last semester is over and decided to not go back for the Spring Semester due to baby and all. Holidays have come and gone and it seems as if I'm playing the waiting game. Not really, we have a lot to keep us busy! So let me show how big our little Ella has gotten:

Christmas Eve

Christmas at Gramma & Pop's!

She had a wonderful Christmas with all of her Grandparents!

Excited to open presents...

So glad to see you again and I hope you will come back ;-) I love blogging and expressing my thoughts! Now I'd like to leave you with a little "Eye Candy!"

Ella (24 weeks)

Big Momma's in the House! I'm definitely bigger then I was with Ella. Wow! Don't judge...hehehe There are a lot of round things in this picture... Can you spot all 3 of them?

Ethan (24 weeks)

(my ball, my belly and my booty)

Now which ones Bigger? Ha! Please don't answer that!