Monday, September 14, 2009

HOW 100

Saturday was an awesome day! For quite some time, I have been committing to riding 29 miles to help support Breast Cancer. I haven't really talked a lot about this because I was nervous I wouldn't be able to complete it. Last September, Kim decided to do this ride for the first time. She had just bought a road bike and this was her first group ride, I think. She loved everything about it, especially the women and the support to this much needed and wonderful cause! When time came this year to start planning, she was adamant I was doing it with her. She brought me her other bike, she calmed my every fear and encouraged me that I cold do this. I really didn't have time to train, a short ride here and there but I told myself "this is for fun and if I have to stop or even turn around, I am not going to stress, but just enjoy the ride!"
Kim was such an amazing riding partner! I couldn't and wouldn't have done it with out her. She was patient and stayed with me through out the entire ride. She encouraged me. She taught me. She made this such a wonderful event for me!
Here I am before the ride. Kim said she could tell I was getting really nervous as we were pulling in! I was, but I think it was hilarious that she could pick up on that.
This is at the start of the ride. The parking lot was full of women all shapes and sizes, some
who have battled cancer them selves and some who are supporting a loved one, it was beautiful!

I was so proud to have made it to the half way point! At this point I was feeling pretty good. We rested and refilled drinks and ate some snacks. We headed out for the ride back.

29 miles later and a hill that almost got me down... We did it!

As we crossed through the balloon arch, we were both just filled with so much joy! I really thought I could have cried... It was a struggle, but we finished and we finished stronger than we were when we began! Thank you Lord for giving us this gift.

By the way, we are already
talking about next year!!!