Saturday, January 31, 2009

I came into the kitchen this afternoon and found Ella trying to look out the window. It is at these moments that you realize how big they really are getting! The camera just happened to sitting on the table and I snapped a quick shot...

Ella picked out her shirt today! She grabbed it out of a bag of summer clothes and held it up to Jeramy and I this morning. So that's what we wore :) In this picture, you can barely see the ONE little tooth that Ella has gotten. That ONE tooth is just taking it's sweet time pushing on up!

It was such a nice afternoon, that I decided to get some outside time in. Aunt Melissa and Campbell gave Ella this little bike and she LOVES it!!! Look at her in perfect bike form, she must get that from Auntie Holly. She had such a great time, she laughed and sang and just enjoyed the sun!

This is our pup, Danner. He is a very large dog. Danner has an under ground fence, because we live on a pretty busy road. Lately the fence has been Mal-functioning! STRESS because he has been roaming free...not good! This last time he lost his colar, so Jeramy went to Wal-Mart and bought a new colar, doctored it up and attached is voltage box to it, Jeramy can do anything! Danner fence is fixed, for now and his new colar secure. Here he and Ella are playing in the kitchen. He has such a soft touch around her...Even though it scares me to death, I have to trust him and Jeramy too!
This is a video of Ella playing on Danner. It was really sweet!

***At the end Danner is trying to lick Ella, nothing harmful, I promise!