Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Quick Run Post

As I mentioned below, Angel and I were going to attempt some running. Last night was the first attempt and I have to say we passed with flying colors!!!

We postponed our run till 7:30 due to the heat... We head out from her house and take off down Taylor rode to Hwy 55. We cross 55 and head down some unknown at this time. We took 1 walk break up a small hill and we had a quick rest as we crossed the Hwy. As we started down this new road, we were both feeling pretty strong. After about a half mile we saw some railroad tracks up ahead. When we got to a certain point, I said "Let's Sprint!" And we took off! What a burst of energy!!! We took a brief rest as we turned around to head back. We ran solid to her road when we hit her road we had the same idea to sprint to her mail box. This time it was a lot harder. We walked it out afterwards and stretched some. After that we jumped in the car to track our distance:

roughly 1.6 miles

I would say that is a pretty good run for a first time attempt. I stretched some more when I got home. I'm feeling pretty good today, a little sore through my neck from riding the bike, but it feels kinda good...