Friday, January 7, 2011

What time is it? Resolution Time!!!

It's the new year and everybody sets new goals. Some of them are meant to be broken and some goals will go on to be routines within our daily lives. I've never been one to say "In 2011, I am going to be in the best shape of my life..." and so on, however I do always have it on my mind to do better than the year before! January 1, 2011 I felt inspired and inclined to do some sort of exercise. It didn't happen but that is one of the biggest resolutions set in a new year. What was your resolution? Spoken or unspoken.

Being six months pregnant, I should already have an exercise routine in place, but I don't. My first trimester was filled with sickness, homework and of course a lovely two year old! Everything besides those 3 things in my life were neglected. Husband and Housework were a thing of the past. The dishes got done only when there were none left or something smelt really bad and the laundry sat in a pile behind my couch. So needless to say I was not going to go for a walk!

So all of this talk about New Years Resolution has me thinking... Since I can't be an aerobic queen, what am I going to do in this new year? Besides birth a child, raise a 2 year old and love a most giving husband. What I have decided and what I have already accomplished greatly in this year is keeping my home in order, while doing the above listed items! I have these friends and sisters, that I'm not naming names, who keep an immaculate home and here I am praying that my neighbor doesn't stop by to see the mess we live in! For whatever reason, I have emptied my sink daily this week and folded and put away laundry, picked up toys and made beds....The hubby is enjoying my efforts as well as I. Maybe I'm just feeling really good this week, but I hope I can make this more of a daily routine. In a perfect world, there is no reason why I shouldn't already be doing these daily chores and for now this is my resolution!